A signature component of Tim Atherton’s introductory classes for several years now has been the incorporation of Digital Storytelling video projects. Students in my General Physics II class at Tufts were asked as a final project to collaboratively create a short YouTube video explaining a topic within the scope of the class to a high school audience. This is important because science communication is an important part of a scientists obligation to society.

We’re delighted to share some of the excellent videos from this year—we really hope you enjoy them!

Camila, Dan, Ben and Ross: The Piezoelectric Effect

Nadia, Cam, Emily and Tory: Levitating Tinsel

Rayleigh, Ashton, Sydney, Ashley: Faraday Cages

Matt, Brian, Tessabella and Craig: Simple Motor

Ivan, Xi, Kelsey, Justin, Molly: Wireless Charging

Aaron, Chase, Danielle, Riley, Ben: Electromagnets

Taegan, Tyler, Neil, Noah: Electric Field ad Force

Martha , Andrea, Ashish, Evgeni, Janith: Maglev Trains

Rachel, Joytika, Katherine, Tom: Capacitative Touch Screens

Julia, Rati, Sam, Eva: Lightning

Zack, Martin, Diego, Hernan, Michelle: Faraday-Lenz Law

Parthkumar, Sahana, Jayanth, Tyler: Hand Powered Flashlight

Jackson, Zack, Alex, Anthony, Kazi: Lasers and Lasik

Matt, Dan, Connor: Maglev Trains

Patrick, Tyler, Colby, John: Railguns

Chris, Joe, Tyler: Maglev Trains

Helen, Vincent, Morgan, Joe: Wireless Charging

David, Allan, Bora, Greg: Radios

Kimon, Hans, Chandler, Arjun, Taylor: Transformers


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