Every year, students in my Physics 12 General Physics II class make video projects about electromagnetism. Here are this years amazing videos:—

Jordan, Alex, Matthew, James “Shocking how good this project is”

Patrick, Dylan, Rory — Magnetic braking

Clara, Tanya, Stasia — Tesla coil

Emily, Emily, Jingyi, Ken — Electroreception in Sharks

Dan, Aaron, Ben — Maglev train

Ilya, Paul, Sarah, Justin — “Building A Simple Railgun + How It Works”

Cam, Jeremy, Sammy, Jack — Maglev trains

Aruni, Gonzalo, Omar, Alex — Maglev trains

Bill, Aubrey, Griffin, Jacob — “How induction charging works”

Brad, Justin, John, Dan — Electrostatic induction

James, Lily, Maeve — Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Ana-Maria, Hannah, Handy, Cora — Li-fi

Marie-Louise, Shelley, Sonja, Isabel — Maglev

Janna, Max, Risa, Jack — “The magic of physics”

Chris, Patricia, Ashwin, Justin — “Magnets and tubes”

Jenni, Harper, Leah — “E-sail: Propelling the future”

Ahmed, Victor, Joseph, Gregory, Bulent — Resistance

Joe, John, Craig, Yoni — Batteries

Kelsey, Danielle, Isabella, Han — “How do speakers work?”



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