Research Affiliate Adam D. Dixon on “State Capitalism and the New Global Development Regime”

Read Research Affiliate Adam D. Dixon’s latest collaboration with authors Ilias Alami and Emma Mawdsley entitled “State Capitalism and the New Global Development Regime” published by Antipode, a Wiley journal.

The Abstract has been reprinted below:

Official discourses of Development are being redefined. If the key geopolitical contexts shaping the post‐war Development project were decolonization and the Cold War, the defining world‐historical transformations shaping the emerging vision of Development are the expansion of state capitalism and the rise of China. The IMF, the World Bank, the OECD, the G20, other multilaterals, and bilateral partners are increasingly taking stock of the rise of state capitalism, and acting as ideational vectors of this emerging regime. However, this new “state capitalist normal” is also portrayed as carrying risks. There is anxiety regarding the direction the political form of global capital accumulation is heading: with the unchecked proliferation of state capitalism possibly blunting competition, politicizing economic relations, and intensifying geo-economic tensions. This anxiety underwrites the current re‐articulation of Development, one which embraces the state as promoter, supervisor, and owner of capital; even as it critiques China’s use of similar instruments.

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