About the PDA

General Information

The Postdoctoral Association (PDA) was established to provide a support network for postdoctoral scholars and researchers across all departments and disciplines of Tufts University, including the Boston, Medford, and Grafton campuses.

The PDA works on a diverse array of postdoc life and career development issues including improving and extending benefits, such as healthcare and childcare, improving research opportunities, and travel and research funding, and provide networking opportunities. The PDA also hosts multiple social events to put in contact postdocs from a variety of departments at Tufts.

The Tufts PDA is run by and for postdocs and is also part of the postdoctoral associations from the 19 Boston-area institutes. We aim to create a sense of community, encourage communication, and aid in creating a collaborative environment among postdocs by advocacy efforts and organizing social and career development events to bring together postdocs across Tufts University.

Take a few minutes to explore our website for upcoming events and news. We also have a weekly newsletter sent out via email. If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of your postdoc life at Tufts, or if you would like to become involved in the PDA, please do not hesitate to contact us at Contact.
Executive Board and Committee Members

The Executive Board consists of the co-presidents, treasurer, and committee members. If you are interested in joining the Board, send us an email at pda-president@tufts.edu
Postdoctoral Scholar Handbook

Download the Postdoctoral Scholar Handbook for policies and guidance that apply to all postdocs