The GIS Center maintains several geospatial resources. For a guide to spatial data resources across the three campuses, please see the Online GIS Data SourcesTufts GIS Data Resource section. The GIS Center also provides assistance with locating GIS data. Please see GIS Center Services for details and contact information.

Online Resources

Please follow the link to the Tufts Online Data Resources page

Networked Resources

The GIS Center maintains a GIS data file server that contains frequently used GIS datasets that are available to the Tufts Community. The files are read-only, so if users want to edit the files, they will need to download them to their personal workspace. If working in the GIS Center, it is mapped as the M: drive. If working outside the GIS Center, users will need to map a network drive to connect. Please follow the directions for mapping a GIS Center network drive under the Tufts Tips page.

The data are organized by geographic region and then by publisher. For instance, if users are looking for GIS data for the City of Boston, they should go to City->Boston->Boston Water & Sewer Comission (BWSC) and then browse for the appropriate dataset. Likewise, if looking for Massachusetts data, users should go to State->MA->MassGIS. Metadata (data explaining the data) has been provided when possible.

CD-ROM/DVD Resources

The GIS Center owns several CDs & DVDs of GIS data. Please see the GIS lab staff for assistance. The materials do not circulate and can only be used within the GIS center. Users must leave a form of identification with the GIS Center staff.

Recent Acquisitions:

GfK World Complete
Complete set of Digital Tactical Pilot Chart Maps
India Census Datasets
China Datasets
Boston Parcel, Planimetric, and Orthophoto Data
New York City Bytes of the Big Apple
MassGIS Data, complete set of MassGIS data, including the new color and near infrared digital orthophotography
Boston Water & Sewer Comission (BWSC) Digital Orthophotos
Cambridge GIS
Somerville GIS
Tufts Campus GIS
ESRI Data & Maps
Global GIS DVD
Historical County Boundaries of the United States
Natural Resource CD of Russia
World Soils Database
Geolytics historical and contemporary census data products
World Language Mapping System
FAO Land & Water Series for Africa and Latin America
National Transportation Atlas Databases
National Geographic Digital Georeferenced Topos for New England.

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