Director of Education, The National Aviary – Pittsburgh, PA

Posted: 3/28/12

Director of Education, The National Aviary: The National Aviary is the
nation’s only nonprofit, free-standing indoor facility wholly dedicated to
avian exhibition and conservation. With a mission to “inspire a respect for
nature through an appreciation of birds,” the organization is involved in a
host of activities ranging from citizen science to conservation research.
As a result of an $18.5 million expansion and renovation, the institution
has expanded its public programming from the traditional exhibit-based zoo
experience by adding unique visitor-centric avian interactions, including an
indoor free-flight bird show and an outdoor raptor exhibition. To lead this
effort, the National Aviary is seeking a Director of Education who will be
responsible for creating and implementing exciting and innovative education
programs that deliver the Aviary’s environmental messages to targeted
audiences across multiple platforms.  The Director of Education will be
responsible for (1) expanding existing education programs at the Aviary that
focus on pre-K through 12 school curricula; (2) developing additional
revenue-generating education programs targeted to audiences not currently
served by the National Aviary; (3) establishing collaborative relationships
with other local, regional, and national organizations interested in
conservation education; (4) developing curricula that can be used not only
within the institution, but be integrated into education programs at other
institutions; and (5) setting and achieving education revenue goals.  In
addition, the Director will work with the Development Department to identify
new sources for philanthropic support of Aviary education activities and to
the extent necessary, assist in donor cultivation and grant writing.
Critical qualifications for this position include a degree in education or
environmental education and training in the fundamentals of biology and
conservation biology; knowledge of and enthusiasm for presenting on avian
biology, behavior, habitat loss, human population size, resource consumption
and other subjects critical to avian conservation; a minimum of 2 years
experience in conservation or related public education; must be a leader and
a consensus builder within the National Aviary and with outside
organizations; excellent organizational and management skills; experience
working with birds is a “plus.”


Resumes should be submitted to Patrick Mangus, Executive Director, National
Aviary in Pittsburgh, 700 Arch Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 or via email<>. No phone calls