Position Description
Part-time: Teaching Guide/Interpreter — Delaware History Museum

Our Vision: A society inspired and empowered by Delaware history to shape the future. As a member of the staff of the Delaware Historical Society, you are collectively responsible for ensuring that all of your professional activities are advancing the vision.

Staff Structure: The staff is arranged in four work groups each with primary responsibilities that advance the mission and vision, but also with accountability to each other to advance all groups towards the mission. Individually and Collectively, the staff will be responsible for the success of each goal set by the institution.

Individual Responsibilities to the Staff:

  •  Continually build your knowledge of Delaware history;
  •  Advance the mission of the Delaware Historical Society through the exploration, preservation, and sharing of Delaware History;
  •  Utilize your strengths to support your work group’s goals and the goals of all other work groups;
  •  Dedicate the time necessary to get your personal and institutional goals accomplished;
  •  Act as an ambassador for the organization and the mission in the community

Education& Inspiration Work Group Responsibilities: The primary objective of this group is to create opportunities for the public to be inspired and empowered by historical knowledge. Specific responsibilities include: School Programs, Outreach Programs, Adult and Family Programs, Web-Based Programming, National History Day, Managing Educational Resources, and participating in training.

Individual Responsibilities:

Conduct educational programming at the Delaware Historical Society as scheduled. This includes, but is not limited to: school field trips, adult tours, outreach programs, special events, and associated educational activities;

  • Maintain all educational spaces, equipment, and supplies;
  • Contribute to the research, development and implementation of all educational material and resources;
  • Provide security for collections;
  • Assist in general society duties as directed.

To Apply: Send resume and cover letter to Delaware Historical Society 505 N. Market Street Wilmington, DE 19801 Attention: Kathryne Peterson; e-mail: kpeterson@dehistory.org ; fax: (302) 655-7844

 The Delaware Historical Society is an equal opportunity employer.