We always welcome new voices from the Tufts Museum Studies community – students, instructors, alumni, and even some guest postings! Here’s a list of some possible ideas for posts, but we’re pretty flexible overall. If you have an idea that isn’t listed here, go ahead and pitch it!

Send posts, or ideas for posts, to Amanda Gustin: amanda.gustin[at]tufts[dot]edu.

Possible Ideas for Posts

1. Career Conversations – Find someone who has the job you want. Go interview them. Write up a summary for us.

2. Conference Panel Reviews – Did you have a great time at NEMA? AAM? Another museum conference? Write all about it!

3. Book Reviews – Did you just finish a great book that has brilliant ideas for museums? Or the exact opposite? Write a few paragraphs about your thoughts.

4. My Favorite Museum – What’s your favorite museum in the whole world? Why is it your favorite? Tell us!

5. Museum Profiles – Did you visit somewhere new and interesting? Give us some basic details, your favorite bits, your least favorite bits. Use this as an exercise to help develop your critical eye.

6. Exhibition Reviews – From the MFA’s big splashy exhibitions to a new display case at your local historical society, we want to hear what you thought. Does it work? Why or why not? We don’t need the most elaborate essay ever, just your impressions and ideas.

7. The Future of Museums – Have something you’d like to get off your chest? Maybe something more museums should or shouldn’t be doing? Vent here!

8. Museums in the News – We’re always happy for elaboration on any of the (many) issues that come up in the news each week about museums. Or you could just call our attention to an article that you think should be highlighted.

9. Professional Development Ideas – Have you attended a class or seminar that you found really useful? See something upcoming that you’d love to attend? Give us the heads up!

10. My Internship – Write us a few paragraphs about your internship – where you were, what you did, and how it helped you as a museum professional. It would be great to build up a whole gallery of the awesome things that Tufts students are doing out there in the world.

Guidelines: This is a blog, not an academic review! Write informally, succinctly, and interestingly. Think about what you’d say in a conversation with your friends – then just write it down. You don’t have to sweat over it and revise it a dozen times – though you should give it the once-over before sending it in, and we’ll offer some editing advice if you’d like.

So, send away! Once again, any submissions to: amanda.gustin[at]tufts[dot]edu.