The observant among you may have noticed that there haven’t been any job announcements appearing on the front page for the last week or so. After some tinkering behind the scenes, we’ve made a few changes in the way job announcements are posted. We wanted to clear space on the front page of the blog for substantive writing, as well as group all the job announcements together. Here’s the rundown:

1. All job announcements now appear on their own page: Job Announcements. This page is linked from the top of the front page of the blog.

2. Job announcements will no longer appear on the front page of the blog. Technically speaking, they will be blogged – but we’re going back in time to do so. In order to keep them out of the way, all job announcements will be backdated exactly 110 years. Hence why, when you look along the right-hand side of the blog at the Archives section, it looks like we started blogging in 1900. (We’re just that progressive.) This does mean that, due to a Unix server glitch, the posting date of all job announcements won’t look right, but they will still appear in the order in which they’re posted – newest at the top. (There may be a better way to do this, and we’re working on code in the back end, but in the meantime this is the fastest and easiest solution all around.)

3. To preserve the immediacy of job announcements, we’ll be doing a weekly jobs report each Saturday at noon in a front-page post on the blog. That way those of you who follow along via Feed My Inbox or another RSS reader will still get up-to-date job announcements delivered to you. The first of these reports will be on this Saturday, February 5.

That should be everything. Any questions? Suggestions? As always, leave a comment.