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 Professor, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy
     and Department of Economics (secondary appointment, by courtesy)
 Tufts University • 
150 Harrison Ave., room 140 • Boston, MA 02111
 Phone: 617.636.3751 • Fax: 617.636.3781
 Email:  •


Stanford University, PhD (1991) in Applied Economics at the Food Research Institute  
Yale University, BA (1984) in Economics and Political Science
Deep Springs College (1979-81), course credits transferred


Tufts University (July 2010 – present), Friedman School of Nutrition Science and PolicyProfessor (from 7/10) and Chair (7/11-8/14)  for the Department of Food and Nutrition Policy, responsible for academic leadership of multidisciplinary graduate programs involving 18 faculty and about 150 students per year.

Purdue University (December 1991 – June 2010), Department of Agricultural EconomicsAssociate Head (2/07-6/10) and Professor (4/02-6/10), previously Associate Professor (7/96-4/02) and Assistant Professor (12/91-7/96), with increasing responsibilities over graduate and undergraduate programs.

Columbia University (September 2003-August 2004), Visiting Professor, School of International and Public Affairs and Interim Executive Director, Earth Institute Center on Globalization and Sustainable Development. Led a diversified social-science research program of 8 staff and 20 affiliated faculty.

Harvard University (January – December 2000), Kennedy School of Government Visiting Scholar in the Center for International Development

Stanford University (1985-1991), Graduate Fellow, Teaching and Research Assistant in the Food Research Institute

University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe (1988-1990), Research Associate and part-time lecturer, Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension


AAEA Publication of Enduring Quality Award (2014)
AAEA Bruce Gardner Memorial Prize for Applied Policy Analysis (2013)
International Fellow of the African Agricultural Economics Association (2010)
Fulbright Dissertation Research Grant (1988-90); Stanford Graduate Fellowship (1985-88)
Harry S. Truman Scholarship (1981)


Elected member, Tufts University Faculty Senate (2017-20), Secretary (2018-19)
Elected Chair, International (2018-19) and FSN (2013-14) sections of the AAEA
External member, IFPRI Institutional Review Board, 2015-18
Editorial Board,
Global Food Security, 2014-present
Member, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems thematic group, UN SDSN, 2013-present
Member and Chair, Communications and Publications Ctee., AAEA, 2012-15
Member and Chair, Food Safety and Nutrition Section, AAEA, 2011-present
Co-Editor, Agricultural Economics, 2007-2011 (with Gerald Shively)
Board of Trustees, Deep Springs College, 2002-2011 (chair, Academic Affairs ctee.)


Native English, fluent French, some Spanish



Principal investigator or co-PI on over $13 million in grants and projects since 1988, from USAID, the World Bank, DFID, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other funding agencies.



Economics of Agricultural Development (3rd ed. 2014), with George Norton and Jeffrey Alwang.  New York: Routledge. (See review of 1st ed. in ERAE).

Distortions to Agricultural Incentives in Africa (2009), with Kym Anderson (eds.). Washington DC: The World Bank.


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