The focus of INSciDE @ Tufts is on developing 3D in vitro tissue models of the human brain and peripheral nervous system to study structure, function, and diseases. We integrate bioengineering, stem cell biology and regenerative medicine with tools and technologies such as optical imaging, electrophysiology, and pharmacology to evaluate tissue models and begin to unravel the mechanisms of cognition and uncover cures for neurological disorders.


Current Projects:


Human Stem Cell Derived 3D Neural Network Tissue Model


Generation of Physiological 3D in vitro Brain Cultures using Bioinspired Matrix for Disease Modeling


3D Bioengineered Model of Human Enteric Nervous System


3D In Vitro Autism Spectrum Disorder Model


Traumatic Brain Injuries: Advanced Model Engineering, Fundamental Understanding of the Molecular Mechanisms, and Replacement Therapy


3D In Vitro Blood-Brain Barrier Tissue Model


Behavioral Paradigms in Three-Dimensional Neural Tissue Constructs Coupled to Motor Effectors