Research Projects

One Health Diplomacy Project

Director Ian Johnstone, in collaboration with Center Fellows, leads an ongoing research project on infectious disease and outbreaks in conflict-affected states. Research has focused on the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and has recently expanded to examine the coronavirus outbreak.

The One Health Diplomacy Project builds on prior research conducted by the team on Infectious Disease and the Stigmatization of Refugees and Vulnerable Migrants.

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Pandemic Law Primer

Director Ian Johnstone oversees a research team of 15 Fletcher students, supervised by Center Fellows and Fletcher Faculty, produced a Primer on Pandemic Law which provided an accessible overview of topics such as international health regulations, state responsibility, human rights, and international institutions as they related to the law and control of and response to pandemics.

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Multistakeholder Diplomacy and Cybersecurity Project

This ongoing research project addresses the overarching question, “What are the essential ingredients of a normative or binding international legal regime governing cyberspace, and how can relevant stakeholders, including governments, businesses and civil society institutions work together effectively to develop and implement this regime?”

Protecting Civilian Institutions and Infrastructure from Cyber Operations: Designing International Law and Organizations 

This 2017-2019 project paired lawyers with cybersecurity experts for research on protecting civilian infrastructure from cyber threats. Four papers were published as a result, three in the European Journal of International Law and one in the Hastings Law Journal. They are linked on the conference paper page.

Law of the Sea Primer

In 2017 Fletcher law faculty and students produced a Primer on Law of the Sea. The Primer offers a detailed overview of the topic written in language accessible to both lawyers and relevant stakeholders, such as policymakers and military personnel.