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In this event titled Re-Imagining the International Legal Order with the American Society of International Law, Professor Ian Johnstone offers his perspectives on the past, present, and future of the international legal order. 

A Debate on Russia-Ukraine | Robert Wright & Daniel Drezner

Professor Daniel Drezner has a debate with Robert Wright on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and answer a series of questions like:

Was the first year of Russia’s invasion a success for US foreign policy?

When will Putin be ready to cut a deal?

What are the odds of a wider war—or a nuclear one?

What good can come from continuing the war?

Has the US mismanaged its relationship with Putin’s Russia?

EconoFact Roundtable – Finance at a Time of Stress – John Campbell on Stock Prices

EconoFact Roundtable – Finance at a Time of Stress – John Campbell on Stock Prices from EconoFactOrg on Vimeo.

What are the determinants of stock prices? How do interest rates and risk affect share prices? John Campbell discusses the foundational ideas behind equity prices with Michael Klein of the CILG.

NJC Afraid To Investigate Justice Bulkachawa Because All of Them Will Go Down – Odinkalu

Professor Chidi Odinkalu interviews with Sahara News over the NJCs fear of investigating Justice Bulkachawa amid claims that her husband compromised her decisions as appeal court president.


Deglobalization, Decarbonization & Trade Panel

Deglobalization, Decarbonization & Trade Panel featuring:

Pekka Olavi Haavisto – Minister for Foreign Affairs, Republic of Finland

Joel Trachtman – Professor of International Law, The Fletcher School

Mihaela Papa, F03, F10 – Adjunct Assistant Professor in Sustainable Development and Global Governance, The Fletcher School

Andres Valenciano, F12 – John F. Kennedy Fellow, MC/MPA program, Harvard Kennedy School

INEC Shattered Hopes With The 2023 Elections; Injustice Fuelling Tribal Friction – Chidi Odinkalu
Professor Chidi Odinkalu speaks with Sahara TV about the 2023 Nigerian election results, what it means, and how it’s causing tensions within the country

Containing Asylum: The Externalization of Border Controls and State Complicity in Migrant Deaths with Monette Zard

The right to seek asylum is recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and enshrined in international law. However, policies and practices that have been put in place by countries since the 1980s – largely (but not exclusively) in the Global North – have sought to block, deflect and prevent asylum-seekers from reaching the territories where they intend to seek asylum. These policies and techniques range from direct interdiction and prevention, to more indirect policies that work through third countries – often using development aid – to stop the movement of refugees. This trend towards “containment” is happening at great cost to asylum-seeker’s lives, health and well-being, exponentially magnifying the risks they face, and the challenges for those trying to assist them. This session will explore the global trend towards externalizing border controls and the implications of such practices for fundamental human rights protections including the principle of non-refoulement, the right to life and the limits of state responsibility.

Dr Chidi Odinkalu Condemns Court Ruling Declaring Section 84(12) of Electoral Act Unconstitutional

Dr Chidi Odinkalu joins ARISE News to share his views on the recent court ruling declaring Section 84(12) of the Electoral Act as unconstitutional.

A Multi-Dimensional Crisis: The State of Multilateralism in the Post-Pandemic World

Leonard (Lenny) Benardo from the Open Society Foundations joins the LLM class of 2023 for their 2nd High Table Event to discuss the state of multilateralism in the post-pandemic world and the blowback in the world to institutions like OSF and so many others, and the ‘autocratization’ that has reached every continent.

The Transformation of International Economic Law

Since the ‘birth’ of international economic law as a widely recognized field in the late 1990s, the subject has both changed in multiple respects and also failed, in the eyes of many, to sufficiently adapt to the needs of a more complex, multipolar world. Many participants see the system as having left behind and left out a wide scope of civil society from being to reap economic benefits. Today, we are experiencing unprecedented challenges but also a moment of unparalleled progress, which presents novel legal questions. Issues such as global pandemics, climate action, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the internet of things will further highlight the importance of the international regulation of trade, investment and intellectual property in the future. This roundtable is designed to reflect on the transformation – both past and yet to come – of international economic law to help confront some of the main challenges our humanity faces. It will provide expert but high-level analysis of certain relevant aspects of the changes in international economic law, how these challenges could or should be approached and potentially resolved, what the prospects are for new paths to solve disagreements on complex issues, and how the international system can and should continue to change in the future.

The Human Rights Mandate of the ECOWAS Court of Justice with Tony Arene-Maidoh

Tony Arene speaks with the LLM class of 2023 for their first High Table Event of the Spring Semester. Tony  Arene-Maidoh speaks about his work with the ECOWAS Court of Justice.

PDP’s Sowunmi, Human Activist Odinkalu Back Buhari On Naira Redesign + More | The Verdict

Professor Chidi Odinkalu is interviewed on Channels News to discuss the Naira Redesign policy.


“Defeating Disinformation: Advancing Inclusive Growth and Democracy through Global Digital Platforms” with Fletcher Professors Joel Trachtman, Dan Drezner, Bhaskar Chakravorti, and Josephine Wolff.

Speakers from Digital Planet, the Center for International Law and Governance, the Omidyar Network, and our partner organizations explore and weigh in on critical challenges affecting the digital public sphere, design technical and regulatory solutions that address these issues, and answer questions including: Can a global approach be developed to address these tensions while maintaining or even enhancing the inclusive social contribution of platforms? Can we avoid the unintended consequences of an internationally fragmented approach to content moderation requirements? Are the world’s most vulnerable populations given adequate protections, even as the platforms prioritize the most powerful governments? How can we ensure that these platforms work for everyone, everywhere, and what is the role that each sector can and should play to get us there?

International Law & Organization at Fletcher with Professors Dannenbaum and Burgess

Professors Dannenbaum and Burgess speak with Associate Director of Admissions Yaritza Peña  about ILO courses offered at Fletcher.

Current Free Speech Controversies: A Discussion with Nadine Strossen

On November 17th we were visited by former head of the ACLU and founder of Fire, Nadine Strossen who spoke with the LLM students about her work at the ACLU and the current free speech climate and implications.

Fletcher Reads the Newspaper | Can clamping down on digital disinformation lead to even more digital disinformation?

On October 6, Fletcher’s Institute for Business in the Global Context and the Center for International Law and Governance co-hosted a new edition of “Fletcher Reads the Newspaper.” Honoring Fletcher’s tradition of interdisciplinary study, the event featured a lively and dynamic dialogue among professors from multiple disciplines and students to answer the question “Can clamping down on digital disinformation lead to even more digital disinformation?”

Tom Dannenbaum on Russian war crimes and crimes against humanity in the 2022 attack of Ukraine

Tom Dannenbaum is an assistant professor of international law and an expert on the laws of war. In this interview he discusses the nature of war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, and the crime of aggression, in the context of the 2022 Russian attack on Ukraine.

Fletcher Read the Newspaper – The Russia-Ukraine Crisis

On Monday, April 4, the IBGC hosted a special edition of “Fletcher Reads the Newspaper” where current students and faculty welcomed several prospective students who were visiting campus as part of Admitted Student Day. In typical Fletcher fashion, the event featured professors from a range of disciplines to discuss a timely and complex current event, while also leaving time for conversation between students who were able to bring their own interdisciplinary expertise to the issue. The event focused on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis and aimed to answer the question, “What is the impact of the crisis on international and local businesses and the future of the global economy?”

“Digitalization of International Economic Law in Africa: Promises and Perils” with Professor Olabisi Akinkugbe

Professor Olabisi Akinkugbe speaks with LLM students about the digitization of International Economic Law in Africa during LLM High Table Event.


International Law in the Biden Administration: Expectations

The Fletcher School’s LL.M. program hosts a conversation about early indications and expectations about changes that will take place in the Biden administration. Tune in here for the discussion with Professor Antonia Chayes, Professor Tom Dannenbaum, Professor Michael Glennon, Professor Ian Johnstone and Professor Joel Trachtman.

Fletcher Career Chat: Legal Careers at International Organizations

Listen in to our discussion of what it takes to forge a career in law at international organizations. Fletcher Professor Ian Johnstone is joined by alumnae Cornelia Schneider (MALD ‘06) and Margarita Akritidou (LLM ’18) speak about their work at the United Nations and European Commission, respectively. They share tips about getting in the door at these competitive organizations, and how to move within the organizations to further your career.