Fletcher Reads the Newspaper

Every day, the headlines cross borders of many kinds: those of countries, cultures, and disciplines. IBGC and the Master of International Business program seeks to make sense of those headlines for our students, using the rich pool of experts in the Fletcher network.

Lord Michael Dobbs (F77), British Politician and Author of “House of Cards,” joins the debate with Dean Bhaskar Chakravorti

As a part of our “Fletcher Reads the Newspaper” series, we pick several hot news items each semester.  We gather an interdisciplinary panel of Fletcher experts to examine the issues, and from there invite students to approach the problem as they would a case study to offer solutions and strategies for dealing with the issues. All sessions are moderated by Dean Bhaskar Chakravorti as a joint problem-solving/consulting event with the objective of creating a set of practical recommendations for the relevant decision-makers: CEOs, political leaders, heads of multi-lateral bodies, NGOs, and entrepreneurs.

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