Research is part of the ethos of IBGC, integrating academic and practical approaches in the drive to find answers to some of the thorniest questions vital to the business world, today and into the future.

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Digital Planet

As the world’s reliance on the digital ecosystem increases and our trust  in it both rises and appears more fragile, our  Digital Planet  research seeks  to explore these developments and their patterns worldwide. Tracking the  trajectory of digital evolution and trust and providing actionable insights  and frameworks for bridging important digital gaps, this research helps  to shed a light on the global digital economy, “smart” societies,” and the  implications for digital businesses and the future of work.

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Inclusion, Inc.

As political trends point toward a new reality, where governments  scale back commitments to international cooperation, an  opportunity emerges for the private sector to help fill the void.  Our  Inclusion, Inc.  research investigates and reinforces strategic  links between sustainable business and sustainable development,  innovative business models, frameworks, and partnerships to pave  the way for inclusive growth and global prosperity.

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Deeply involved in the world of Sovereign Wealth Funds and  institutional investment,  SovereigNet  is a renowned, one-of-a-kind  research network examining global capital markets. SovereigNet  promotes understanding of the influences and impacts of sovereign  wealth on political, economic, and financial management of  countries and global markets.

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