Our business programs, research initiatives and resources provide students with an interdisciplinary education that extends far beyond the classroom. We are committed to seeing our students succeed and are happy to support them along the way.

Continue reading to learn about the Master of International Business (MIB) and Online Master of Global Business Administration (GBA) programs and explore our unique program opportunities using the links below!

The Master of International Business (MIB) program enhances crucial business skills while developing a nuanced understanding of international affairs. The curriculum approaches international business through geopolitics, law, negotiations and economics.

The MIB is designed to develop contextual intelligence by teaching students to recognize the impacts of politics, law and culture on the world of business. Through flexible electives and two fields of study – one in international business and the other in international affairs – the MIB curriculum ensures that students understand how companies operate in the complex context of our globalized society.

The Master of Global Business Administration (GBA) is a flexible, digitally-mediated program that combines graduate-level study in business with international affairs. The program is designed for experienced professionals looking to establish international management credentials while expanding their perspectives on geopolitics, global security, economic policy, and law and regulations.

The Fletcher School has a tradition of being a digital pioneer, and the GBA builds on that tradition. Embracing new technologies, digital learning systems and modern pedagogy, Fletcher is taking the next step to meet the needs of an entirely new population of students.