Colgate Power of a Smile Student Challenge

Colgate Power of a Smile Student Challenge

Colgate invites dental students to participate in The Power of a Smile, a Colgate Oral Pharmaceutical, Inc. sponsored case study challenge. Three prizes ($5000, $3000, and $2000) will be awarded to dental students with the case studies with the most complete dental evaluation, risk assessments, treatment plan including preventive treatments, oral care recommendations, cultural and socioeconomic considerations and patient outcomes.

In order to participate, students are required to submit a case study on a clinic patient (with all patient images, names and identifiers blocked or deleted to mask the identity of the patient). The case study should include: full medical and dental history, risk assessments, restorative and periodontal charting, x-rays, models, all diagnostic tools use to develop the treatment plan, complete treatment plan, preventative treatment, oral care recommendation and patient outcomes.

More information is available in the attached “Power of a Smile US Student Letter 2022-2023” and “Power of a Smile US Guidelines 2022-2023” documents. For further information and application information, please contact Christine Ochsner, Regional Professional Education Manager, Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals at

Power of a Smile US Student Letter 2022-2023

Power of a Smiles US Guidelines 2022-2023

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