Gallery One Opening brings in over 80 folks!

Gallery One Opening brings in over 80 folks!

The scene couldn’t have been better; a great afternoon by all accounts:

  • background harp music by D25 Sonya Maria Douglas
  • a moving presentation of her art by D26 Katheryne Arguedas Pariona
  • a toast by Dean Karimbux
  • words of welcome by Gallery One Team members, D26 Dominique Vickers and D25 Takara Richard
  • yummy pastries

All there to create a festive atmosphere for TUSDM first show in Gallery One and in celebration of almost 50 beautiful works of art created by thirty student, staff and faculty!

Couldn’t make the opening or want to see the art again?  Head up to the 15th floor or see all the work in our the virtual gallery here:

All work will be on display until early May.

(PS. We believe TUSDM is the first dental school in the county to have an art gallery! Gallery One: One Kneeland/One Community!)

Special thanks to David Raymond, Facilities and Tom Bernhard, Dean’s Office for their ongoing support.

And a final shout of thanks to the Gallery One Team under the leadership of Nancy Marks, Community Service Coordinator and artist.

Gallery One Team

Nancy Marks, Public Health and Community Service

Dainya Hannan, Student Affairs

D23: Bijal Amin and Gigi Cusumano

D24: Kia-Symone Surrell

D25: Takara Richard and Jeff Murat

D26: Dominique Vickers, Jamyla Palomar and Rana Sultan

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