ASDA: Build-A-Jumbo Event

On May 4th, ASDA Wellness and Giving Back Smiles hosted an event called Build-A-Jumbo where students stuffed 100 Elephants (Jumbos!) through a combination event for the dental students and alumni sponsored by the Tufts Alumni Association (TUAA) and National ASDA. These elephants were then donated to our very own Tufts Dental Pediatric Clinic and Tufts Med. Social Workers. The event was a huge success. The following are some photos from the event as well as some student testimonials. 

Robin Lee, D26 – “Build-A-Jumbo was an amazing experience! Seeing the student body come together for the sole purpose to help others was a great opportunity. The sense of fulfillment knowing that our efforts would bring joy to children was unparalleled. It was inspiring to witness the creativity and passion that was poured into this project, and I’m grateful to have been a part of it.”

Natalie Ingram, D26 – I was so excited to hear build a jumbo was back for a second year! Last year I was filled with so much joy just being able to take a break from school and do something like this! This year I walked in and there was good music playing, good vibes all around, I even got to interact with some great alumni Dr Moriarty, and Dr Lori and Rich Rosato, it was so touching to think alumni would come back, on a Saturday, to stuff elephants with students.Seeing all the elephants stuffed and knowing they’ll be helping kids feel good about going to the dentist helped remind me why I’m here and why all this studying will one day change lives! It was such a heartwarming event and the TUSDM ASDA Wellness team truly thought of everything and put on a great event! 12/10 would recommend to everyone! There were first years all the way through nearly graduated senior dental students there, bringing the whole TUSDM community together.”

Francesca Betts, D27 – “I had the pleasure of attending ‘Build-A-Jumbo’ event that was held by Tufts ASDA. this experience was incredibly heartwarming and brought so much joy. The opportunity to give back to the kids at the children’s hospital was such a meaningful event that I will hold so close and dear to my heart. Thanks to Tufts American Student Dental Association and the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine Alumni Association for making this possible.”

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