CADA: Dental Screening at Golden Age Center

As a club that aims to promote the oral health of Chinese Americans here in the Boston area, organizing a dental screening event at the Golden Age Center in Brighton was a profoundly rewarding experience. As we set up our stations, I felt a mix of excitement and apprehension, eager to make a positive impact. Their staff and seniors welcomed us with warmth and gratitude, instantly melting away any nerves I had.

We started by delivering a presentation about periodontal disease and dentures in Mandarin and Cantonese. We received different questions from the listeners, including how to properly clean the teeth, and what tools can be used. For the rest of the morning, we screened about twenty elderly people. It was eye-opening to see the oral health challenges they faced, often compounded by age and limited access to regular dental care. Our team worked diligently to provide thorough screenings, offer advice on maintaining oral hygiene, and refer those in need to appropriate follow-up care.

Overall, the event highlighted the help we can offer to the Chinese American elderly by dedicating our time and skills. Here, I would like to especially thank the people who made this event possible. Dr. Daniel Lee, our clinical faculty, sacrificed his own time and supervised us in this event. Lili Mei, the program director at Golden Age Center, helped coordinate the event. Joy (Xiaoshuang) Liu (D26) and Wesley Huie (D26), who joined the event right after an exam, assisted throughout the screening. Our club co-presidents Ainsley Chung (D25) and Greg Yip (D25), and outreach coordinator Fengjun (Pierce) Shen (D25), worked hard and smart to achieve the success of this event.

Weijia Li (D25)

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