Fares Summer Fellowships

The Fares Center provides up to three Fares Summer Fellowships every summer to support Fletcher students who will be doing summer internships or conducting research in the Middle East and North Africa, or on topics related to the region.  

For summer 2022 the Center provided two fellowships in the sum of $2250 each. 

For summer 2023, the Center will provide three fellowships of up to $2250 each. The application for fellowships is now closed, and the fellows will be announced in May.


  • Students from all degree programs are welcome to apply 
  • Only students currently enrolled at Fletcher are eligible. 
  • Preference will be given to applicants who will be enrolled at Fletcher in fall 2023 and will graduate in January 2024 or May 2024.


  • A minimum commitment of eight weeks of research or work is required.  
  • A report will be due in fall 2023 detailing the student’s work during the summer.  
  • A public presentation of your internship to the Fletcher community in fall 2023.


  • Letter of acceptance from a host organization for an internship. 
  • A 400-word proposal explaining why you’re interested in the Middle East and how your summer internship relates to the region. 
  • In the case of research proposals, a 500-word proposal explaining the research you will conduct in the region. 
  • Resume. 
  • A list of all sources of funding you are applying to, or have secured for this summer (including whether the internship itself is paid or unpaid). 


  • Keep an eye out for announcements.