eLearning Course

The Food Prices for Nutrition eLearning course titled ‘Food Prices for Nutrition: Cost and Affordability of a Healthy Diet and other Indicators‘ is a self-paced, open access course that trains users on the construction of diet cost and affordability indicators focusing on access to a healthy diet and other dietary standards.

The course covers how these indicators are constructed at the global level and the nutritional concepts behind them including the use of a global standard reference of a Healthy Diet Basket and Food-Based Dietary Guidelines.

Course content:

  • Data inputs used in the construction of diet cost and affordability indicators
  • Interpreting and applying these indicators to national policy making
  • Constructing similar indicators at the national or regional level, taking account of each population’s local food availability and eating habits
  • The course also introduces the Food Prices for Nutrition project and partnership, as well as its objectives to provide metrics to monitor people’s access to healthy diets and inform relevant policy interventions focused on achieving food security and nutrition.

Research Community on Food Access

ANH Academy hosts a Research Community on Food Access for those who are interested in research and policy action about economic, physical, and social access to food in diverse localities.

Join to share your perspective and access the technical support, data, and software tools needed to move from analysis to action regarding access to sufficient, nutritious, and affordable food for an active and healthy life.

Members can access:

Research Community on Food Access hosts a Research Roundtable in January 2024

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