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Final Exams: August 16 – 20

Final exams for the summer 2021 term will begin on August 16th. The last day of live sessions is Thursday, August 12th.

Please be sure to review the final exam schedule on GBA Connect.

Final Exam Technical Issues: If your exam is administered through the online campus please reach out to the Online Campus Technical Support at or call 1-855-209-2558 ext. 1. The Technical Support team is available 24/7, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them as soon as you encounter any issues.

Please note that requests for scheduling changes and/or non-academic accommodations should not be made unless due to compassionate reasons. Faculty members should not be asked to change their final exam format or structure.

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Course Registration Opens on August 2nd

Course registration for the fall 2021 term will open for all students on Monday, August 2nd in SIS. Students who qualify for priority course registration have been emailed their approved registration window. Please ensure that you do not have any holds on your account (financial or otherwise) as this will prevent you from registering for classes.

The fall 2021 course schedule has been posted on GBA Connect and can be viewed in SIS.

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Plan of Study Form Due July 8th

Every semester, students must complete the GBA Plan of Study Form. This form allows us to track your progress, ensure you complete requirements for graduation, and grant priority course registration privileges to students nearing the end of their studies. It is recommended, but not required for students not in their first semester to complete the form with Jaclyn, the program’s Student Success Advisor. Students in their first semester of the program should see the below note. Students who are expected to graduate this August may optionally submit the form.

All students must submit the GBA Plan of Study Form by Thursday, July 8th. To assist with planning purposes, a tentative projection of future course offerings can be found on GBA Connect.

Priority Course Registration
Priority course registration opens approximately 48 hours before the regular registration window. To be considered for priority registration, you must complete the plan of study form and have only one or two semesters of study remaining. Please note that priority registration is granted based on number of semesters remaining, not credits. If you qualify for priority registration, you will receive an email approximately two weeks before course registration opens with detailed instructions.

Students in Their First Semester
Students in their first semester of the program should complete the plan of study form in consultation with Jaclyn. Students in their first semester do not need to adhere to the submission deadline and may submit the form a few days afterwards if need be. All other students must adhere to the deadline. If you do not have a scheduled meeting with Jaclyn, please schedule time via her scheduling link: