Quick contact Info:

  • You can call the Medford Data Lab for quick questions at 617-627-4350
  • Email the our support team at DataLab-Support@elist.tufts.edu
  • Visit us in Tisch Library or Hirsh Health Sciences Library. View our locations & hours page.

    Email our support elist to…

    • Schedule a consultation for GIS, statistics, data visualization, web application development or Digital Humanities
    • Reserve the Data Lab Classroom for an event
    • Acquire ArcGIS software for your Tufts owned or personal laptop
    • Report a software issue in the Data Lab
    • Ask a general question about our services and support

  I want to talk with the general IT help desk:

Academic Data Services, Research Technology, Tufts Technology Services

Email: DataLab-Support@elist.tufts.edu
Phone: 617-627-4350

Patrick Florance, Director, Academic Data Services
Email: patrick.florance@tufts.edu
Phone: 617-627-4235
Carolyn Talmadge, Senior GIS Specialist
Email: Carolyn.Talmadge@tufts.edu
Phone: 617-627-0640
Kyle Monahan, Data Science Specialist
Email: Kyle.Monahan@tufts.edu
Phone: 617-627-1861
Annie Swafford, Digital Humanities Specialist
Email: Joanna.Swafford@tufts.edu
Phone: 617-627-0387
Chris Barnett, Senior Geospatial Analyst
Email: Christopher.Barnett@Tufts.edu

Tisch Librarians

Kristin Lee, Research Data Librarian
Email: Kristin.Lee@tufts.edu
Phone: 617-627-2095
Ari Gofman, Social Sciences Data Librarian
Email: Ari.Gofman@tufts.edu
Phone: 617-627-7124

Hirsh Health Sciences Librarians

Berika Williams, Emerging Technologies and Web Librarian
Email: berika.williams@tufts.edu
Phone: 617 636-2454
Amy LaVertu, Research & Instruction Librarian
Email: amy.lavertu@tufts.edu
Phone:617 636-3988

 Research Technology, Tufts Technology Services

Rebecca Batorsky,  Sr Bioinformatics Specialist
Email: Rebecca.Batorsky@tufts.edu
Tom Phimmasen, Senior Data Consultant
Email: Tom.Phimmasen@tufts.edu
Phone: N/A
Shawn Doughty, Manager, Research Computing
Email: shawn.doughty@tufts.edu
Phone: 617-627-5462
Delilah Maloney, High Perfomrance Computing Specialist
Email: Delilah.Maloney@tufts.edu
Phone: N/A