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  Fletcher Students Explore The Digital World

The Murrow Center is pleased to highlight student work on the related issues of media, cyber, and public diplomacy. This body of research and activity forms a strong, integrated foundation for the Center’s work. The Murrow Center also recognizes those Fletcher students using the skills we teach to cover a broad base of issues in publications and other multimedia projects.

Videos: Capstone Projects

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The Murrow Center is dedicated to providing the Fletcher community the tools and skills needed to successfully navigate an increasingly digital world. The Video Capstone Project partners with students to transform their original research into a visual product which can engage, inform, and influence members of the policymaking community and beyond.

Give it a Shot: Seven Lessons from the Ebola Virus Epidemic for Public-Private Vaccine Development

By Kai-Moritz Keller, MIB 2016

Central American Spring: How Social Media Shaped the Public Protests in Guatemala and Honduras

By Jennifer Brody, MALD 2016

Fletcher’s Journals Bring You the Latest Analysis

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Fletcher is home to several academic journals run entirely by students. Featuring research and commentary by well-established practitioners and academicians in print and on the web, these journals also publish particularly exemplary and thought-provoking work by Fletcher degree candidates.

Toward a Global Cyberspace Regime

By Nikolas Ott

Toward a Global Cyberspace RegimeIt is time to come up with common rules and procedures to develop and avoid destroying the only cyberspace we have.

Read full article here.

Can Digital Privacy Be Protected By Borders?

By Miranda Bogen

Fire optic light – Bob GoyetcheCreative Commons Image courtesy of Bob Goyetche

In the United States, if the FBI thinks you committed a crime, it can go to a judge for a warrant and search your house. But if your house happens to be in Ireland, would a U.S. warrant give the Feds permission to search your property? Of course not.
Read full article here.

Publications by Students

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Myanmar’s Religious Hate Speech Law, 5/5/16
Michael Caster, The Diplomat, Tokyo, Japan.

Documentary Cautions Against Clandestine Cyber Warfare, 5/2/16
Kilian Blum, MALD Candidate, The Harvard Crimson, Cambridge, MA.

Is the Smartest Officer the Best Officer?, 4/20/16
Matthew Cancian, MALD Candidate, War on the Rocks.

MALD Candidate Diwakar Jhurani Makes it to the Semi-Final of St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award, 4/14/16
Diwakar Jhurani, St. Gallen

A Visit to the Frontlines of the Battle Against ISIL, 4/13/16
Matthew Cancian, MALD Candidate, War on the Rocks.

U.S. Must Invest in a New Generation of Polar Icebreakers, 4/13/16
Maxwell C. McGrath-Horn, MALD Candidate, The Seattle Times, Seattle, WA.

The Three Kingdoms,4/7/16
Leland Lazarus, MALD Candidate, The Diplomat.

In 2015, the future of energy experienced a major shift, 3/30/16
Kartikeya Singh, Tech Insider, New York, NY.

¿Que bolá Cuba?, 3/28/16
Ben Naimark-Rowse, PhD Candidate, Inside Sources.

Why free love in the FARC isn’t so free. (You wouldn’t know it from reading the New York Times., 3/24/16
Roxanne Krystalli, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C.

Miami Beach mayor leads school trip to Havana, 3/23/16
Multiple students, Local 10 News, Miami, FL.

Islamic State: The Iraqization of Al-Qaeda: Op-Ed by PhD Candidate Shahla Al-Kli, 3/20/16
Shahla Al Kli, PhD Candidate, Kurdistan 24, Iraq.

The future of energy is coming to these remote villages in India, 3/16/16
Kartikeya Singh, Tech Insider, New York, NY.

Fletcher Students to Visit Cuba with Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine, 3/15/16
Cuba trek, Local 10 abc, Miami, FL.

Fletcher Students to Visit Cuba with Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine, 3/15/16
Cuba trek, Miami New Times, Miami, FL.

Customers unable to take advantage of the subsidies on solar products: Study, 3/8/16
Kartikeya Singh, The Economic Times, New Delhi, India.

GMAP Candidate Janine di Giovanni Writes on Female Leadership in Glamour Magazine, 3/7/16
Janine di Giovanni, GMAP Candidate, Glamour.

Why the U.S. Should Embrace the AIIB, 3/2/16
Leland Lazarus, The Diplomat, Tokyo, Japan.

Assad: A Monster and a Dictator But He’s the Best Hope for Peace in Syria, 2/29/16
Janine di Giovanni, GMAP Candidate, Evening Standard, London, UK.

Taiwan: Can Tsai Ing-Wen Change the Politics of Death?, 2/10/16
Michael Caster, MALD Candidate, The Diplomat.

Jakarta Attacks Jolt Indonesia to Toughen Its Counterterrorism Campaign, 2/5/16
Prashanth Parameswaran, PhD Candidate, World Politics Review.

Incentivizing Multilateralism in the South China Sea, 1/31/16
Kailash Prasad, MALD Candidate, The Diplomat.

Indonesia: Staying Calm and Carrying On, 1/27/16
William Mackey, MALD Candidate, The Diplomat.

Student veterans announce 2017 ‘NatCon’ — 7 takeaways from this year’s conference, 1/24/16
Michael Baskin, PhD Candidate, Military Times, Springfield, VA.

The Molotov Cocktail as Battlefied Innovation, 1/22/16
Matt Merighi, MALD Candidate, The Bridge.

Algorithms of War, 12/8/15
Miranda Bogen, MALD Candidate, Slate Magazine, New York, NY.

ISIS Wants the U.S. to Turn on its Muslims, 12/5/15
Haider Mullick, PhD Candidate, CNN, New York, NY.

Don’t Make San Bernardino a Victory for ISIS, 12/3/15
Haider Mullick, PhD Candidate, The New York Times, New York, NY

Operation Free Sinjar: the Nexus Between Values and Military Objectives, 11/26/15
Shahla Al-Kli, PhD candidate, Kurdistan 24, Kurdistan

Nonviolent Activism Around the Olympic Games History and Lessons Learned, 11/24/15
Michael Caster, MALD candidate, Open Democracy

Democracy Delayed, Domestic Uncertainty Continues to Haunt Thailand, 11/11/15
Prashanth Parameswaran, PhD Candidate, World Politics Review

6 Ways to Recruit and Retain Veterans to Your Clean Energy Company, 11/11/15
Michael Basking, PhD Candidate, Green Tech Media, Boston, MA.

How Bibi and Obama Can Stop the Drama, 11/9/15
Avner Golov, PhD Candidate, The National Interest, Washington, DC

Can the U.S. Military Halt Its Brain Drain?, 11/5/15
Michael Klein/Matt Cancian, MALD candidate, The Atlantic, Washington, D.C.

Adjunct Professor Geoffrey Gresh Speaks with MALD Candidate Matthew Merighi on “The Politics of Basing”, 11/2/15
Geoffrey Gresh/Matt Merighi, MALD candidate, Center For International Maritime Security.

The Iran Deal Ship Has Sailed. It is Time to Send Reinforcement, 10/24/15
Avner Golov, PhD Candidate, Iran Matters, Cambridge, MA.

The Army Kills the Family Support Job: Who Will Fill the Void?, 10/15/15
Frances Tilney Burke, Foreign Policy, New York, NY.

Brain Power on the Battlefield, 10/9/15
Matthew Cancian/Michael Klein, Tufts Now, Medford, MA.

Understanding the Iran Deal, 9/22/15
Rizwan Ladha, Tufts Now, Medford, MA.

Should Congress Approve the Iran Deal?, 9/7/15
Avner Golov, PhD candidate, Foreign Affairs, New York, NY.

Passive-aggressive rivalry deepens China-Japan tensions, 9/1/15
Rachel Vandenbrink, LOWY Interpreter, Sydney, Australia.