Senior thesis hat trick: Miriam, Eduardo, and Jonathan successfully defend their senior theses!

Congratulations to Jonathan Minoff, Miriam Salcedo, and Eduardo Barrera for succesfully defending their senior thesis projects! For the past 2 semesters all three have been working on research projects in order to be awarded a bachelor’s degree with honors, and boy did they work hard. Jonathan’s project focused on measuring the dielectric properties of poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) electrospun fibers for the first time. This project came with a number of experimental challenges that he overcame to present to his committee on  April 23. Miriam was also working with dielectric analysis, focusing on investigating blends of PVDF with a specialty zwitterionic copolymer. She had a veritable mountain of data and samples that she presented on April 30. Eduardo’s work focused on co axially electrospinning 2 different polymers into a core-shell fiber that could serve as a therapeutic drug delivery tool. His preliminary results were a success that he showed to his committee on April 30. Congratulations to all 3 and we wish them the best of luck after they’ve left us…and after lab clean up day!

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