Morphology Service Beta

Announcing the beta availability of service-based access to the morphological engines used by Perseus for Latin and Greek (Morpheus) and Arabic (Buckwalter). This service leverages a standard Morphology Service API and is made available on an instance of the Bamboo Services Platform at


The Morphological Analysis Service responds to requests for morphological analysis of texts, submits them to the appropriate morphology engine for processing and returns the results in XML adhering to a standard morphology schema.  The Service supports retrieval of texts for analysis from remote repositories as well as user-supplied chunks of text.  URL based and CTS repositories are supported.  Where retrieval from a CTS enabled repository is requested CTS URNs are supported as document identifiers. Where retrieval from a URL based repository is requested, URIs are supported as document identifiers.

Currently available instances of the Bamboo Services Platform are insecure, are operated with no explicit SLA, and should be considered stateless: that is, data may be wiped from persistent stores at any time.

A secure instance of the BSP for which data will be preserved on future upgrades is anticipated in Fall 2012.

Funding for the development of this service was provided by Tufts University, Project Bamboo and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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