Annotation Service Beta

Announcing the beta availability of the Tufts Syntactic Annotation service. This service provides RESTful and Service Layer APIs for requesting (a) syntactic annotations from supported annotation repositories and (b) templates for creation of syntactic annotations of passages and texts. The beta instance at is currently configured to provide access to the Alpheios repository of the Perseus Ancient Greek and Latin treebank annotations. These annotations can be identified and retrieved by CTS urn. The service can also retrieve text for which to create annotation templates from any CTS-API compliant repository, and can be configured to access other annotation and text repositories. The Syntactic Annotation service leverages the Salt-n-Pepper Framework  for converting between annotation formats. The current release supports the Perseus import format and Perseus and PAULA export formats.

Currently available instances of the Bamboo Services Platform are unsecured, are operated with no explicit SLA, and should be considered stateless: that is, data may be wiped from persistent stores at any time.

Funding for the development of this service was provided by Tufts University, Project Bamboo and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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