Resisting a monocultural (digital) Humanities

Gregory Crane
July 17, 2015

I would very much recommend reading Domenico Fiormonte’s piece “Towards a monocultural (digital) Humanities” (with reference as well to the plea by Miran Hladnik for linguistic diversity)” First, Fiormonte’s piece gives some very specific correctives to the Scopus data that I used when I wrote “the Big Humanities, National Identity and the Digital Humanities in Germany” a month ago. Second this piece articulates, in its title and its content, the fraught question of how we support linguistic and cultural diversity in a transnational space. The question before us is, I think, how we maintain our various linguistic and cultural identities while communicating with one another in a dynamic and enriching dialogue across boundaries of language and culture.

For more on this, look here.

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