Essays on Digital Classics and Digital Humanities

Gregory Crane
Professor of Classics and Winnick Family Chair of Technology and Entrepreneurship
Tufts University

Alexander von Humboldt Professor of Digital Humanities
Open Access Officer
University of Leipzig

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This link points a list and short summary of essays that I have written in 2014 and 2015 on Digital Classics and Digital Humanities. While most of these essays concentrate on Greco-Roman studies, I consider Digital Classics to include all Classical languages (and in practice I would include all historical languages, whether they are considered Classical or not) and the distinction between Greco-Roman and Classical Studies emerges as a periodic subtheme. The general theme of these essays is the challenge that professional students of Greco-Roman culture face in opening up their field so that it can serve the needs of our students and that it can participate in a global dialogue among civilizations.

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