Who is using Clarin or Dariah to work with historical languages?

Gregory Crane
February 24, 2018

Who is using Clarin (https://www.clarin.eu/) and/or Dariah (https://www.dariah.eu/), and particularly the German subprojects https://www.clarin-d.net/de/ and https://de.dariah.eu/, to work with historical languages?

If so, are you doing so as a funded member of Clarin or Dariah?

Who has used the Dariah repository (https://de.dariah.eu/repository) to store data? I have found documentation about how to add data but I have not yet found any collections stored within the Dariah repository?

What other services offered by Clariah and/or Dariah have you used? Are you planning to use any?

Ideally, this would generate a public discussion in forums such as Twitter, Humanist and the Digital Classicist mailing list but feel free to email me directly on gmail (gcrane2008).

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