Yet more Lucian: translations by Emily James Smith

In 1892, at the age of 27, while serving as teacher of Greek at the Packer College Institute, Emily James Smith published translations for selected works of Lucian. She later served as dean (1894-1900) and then trustee (1900-1905) of Barnard College. She provides with readable translations for a number of Lucian’s works. We added the section numbers and attentive readers will note missing sections. Smith chose to leave out those passages that could not be translated in the standards of the time because of their sexual nature.

Her translations have the identifier perseus-eng5 (e.g., tlg0062.tlg029.perseus-eng5 for “the Dream”). She includes both works that have been ascribed to Lucian (with the identifier tlg0061although some are clearly not by him) and two that are labelled as “Pseudo-Lucian” (tlg0061).

tlg0062.tlg029 The Dream
tlg0062.tlg018 Zeus the Tragedian
tlg0062.tlg024 The Sale of Lives
tlg0062.tlg019 The Cock
tlg0062.tlg016 The Ferry
tlg0062.tlg012 A True History
tlg0062.tlg044 Toxaris; Or, Friendship
tlg0061.tlg001 Loukios; Or, the Ass
tlg0061.tlg004 The Halcyon
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