Towards the Next Perseus: mid-fall update

A lot of work continues to go on behind the scenes as we move to replace the current Perseus 4.0 (the Hopper). Our goal is to finish the transition by fall 2024, with new functionality folded into the Scaife Viewer until this can fully take the place of the now venerable system. Those who are more technically inclined can follow much of what is being done by tracking issues on the Beyond Translation Github site.

New functionality includes support for new kinds of annotations such as treebanks, translations aligned at the word and phrase level, automatic mapping, visualization of meter etc. You can see a summary of these new features and enhancements here.

New functionality for Scaife also includes addition of services to which users have been long accustomed in Perseus, with support for commentaries been at the top of the list. We are also finishing a long-term backlog of texts for which the structural markup requires some manual intervention(as well as programmatic reformatting).

At the moment we are preparing to sign a contract to replace the Perseus home page and associated data. Our plan is to replace the Word Press platform (which I am currently using) with a different publishing platform, which is much better suited to academic publication. It supports not footnotes, automatically generates citation information and allows us to include interactive visualizations. We will have more to say as soon as the contract is signed.

Our plan is to have more substantive information about what we are doing by the end of the December (i..e., a few weeks after a busy semester starts).

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