The Tufts Computer Architecture Lab is headed by Prof. Mark Hempstead within the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The research group investigates methods to increase energy efficiency across the boundaries of circuits, architecture, and systems. Our recent accomplishments include the SnackNoC in NoC Computing System; ReconfAST methodology to identify shared accelerators; modeling and workload characterization of NVM last-level caches; thermal and process variation characterization of smartphones; security implications of the thermal-side channel for many accelerator systems; and the PRISIM/SynchroTrace workload characterization tools. We have ongoing projects in Shared Accelerators; security of many-accelerator systems; cache replacement and cache partitioning; hotspot modeling for next generation processors; and systems for instrumented classrooms. See the project pages and recent publications for more information.

haswell-die-featured-640x353.jpg (640├Ś353)

(Intel 4th Generation “Haswell” CPU die shot via www.extremetech.com)

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