The Tufts Computer Architecture Lab is headed by Prof. Mark Hempstead within the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The research group investigates methods to increase energy efficiency across the boundaries of circuits, architecture, and systems. Our recent accomplishments include the PRISM/Sigil workload characterization tools, the SynchroTrace multithreaded trace simulation framework, hardware and operating system support for power-agile computing. We have ongoing projects in specialized accelerator architectures—course-grained reconfigurable architectures and security of many—many accelerator systems; power-agile and thermal aware computing systems; and characterization of caching and prefetching. See the project pages and recent publications for more information.

Our lab was previously known as the Drexel Power-Aware Computing Lab and we moved to Tufts University in the fall of 2015. We still have members located at Drexel University co-advised by Prof. Baris Taskin in the VLSI Lab.

Open Positions: We are looking for both Graduate Students and Post-Doc researchers interested in computer architecture and computer systems research. Please contact Prof. Hempstead for details.

haswell-die-featured-640x353.jpg (640×353)

(Intel 4th Generation “Haswell” CPU die shot via www.extremetech.com)

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