GreenRoots seeks a Food Justice Organizer to manage and support our four community gardens, urban farm and urban agricultural programs. The Food Justice Organizer will manage and oversee all of GreenRoots’ growing spaces and will seek opportunities for expansion of urban agricultural spaces and programming to address food insecurity in Chelsea.  The Food Justice Organizer will engage residents, including youth, in all urban agricultural programming in Chelsea including supporting school gardens, expanded growing spaces, implementing educational programming and providing hands on activities in the gardens and farms.

The Organizer will provide information, education and opportunities for engagement of the community; serve as a liaison between community growing spaces and city stakeholders, and develop systems to deliver harvested crops to the most impacted and vulnerable residents. The Food Justice Organizer will work with and train an Urban Farm Crew, the ECO Youth Crew and neighborhood leaders to share information, growing techniques and resources to ensure knowledge and skills are shared broadly. The Food Justice Organizer should be skilled in urban farming, community engagement and partnership building. The Food Justice Organizer will work with residents, members, partners and allied organizations, municipal agencies, faith based institutions, local schools and other stakeholders.