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The Cancer (CA) Module focuses on understanding cancer as a disease, and the challenges of diagnosing and treating it. The Cancer Module has five units, each of which builds upon the others that came before it. The goal of each unit is to answer a key question about cancer, and what this means for our health.

Unit 1: What is cancer and why should we care?

Unit 2: What does it mean to be a ‘normal’ cell?

Unit 3: How does a normal cell become cancerous?

Unit 4: How does cancer make us sick?

Unit 5: How do we treat cancer?

Case Studies: Cancer Case Studies

Final Project: Plan to address cancer research gap or Citizen science project with the Broad Institute

To prevent student access to assessments and answer keys, all teacher curriculum material downloads are password-locked. Contact us for a login by filling out the form to the right.



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