COVID-19: The Great Pandemic of 2020

A module of The Great Diseases high school curriculum

“COVID-19: The Great Pandemic of 2020” is a new module designed to be implemented online, either stand-alone or as an extension to the Infectious Disease module. Its goal is to provide students with accurate and up-to-date knowledge that will allow them to interpret continually changing information about the pandemic, make informed decisions about their behavior and health, and be able to convey that information to their families and communities.

Curriculum Structure

  • The curriculum is divided into 5 units, including an introduction unit.
  • Each unit has 2-4 lessons, each of which deals with a significant question about COVID-19, divided into about 8 sections.
  • Most lessons are designed for your students to complete independently using Pear Deck for Google Slides; however, you can use the teacher toolbox supplied at the beginning of each lesson to modify them to introduce paired or group work, or whole class discussions, should you wish. 
  • The introduction unit is designed to have more synchronous class elements embedded (discussions, group work, etc.) to allow you to begin the curriculum with your class together. As the intro unit is all about disparities in COVID-19, and how the pandemic has affected all of us, we think it is important for teachers and students to have conversations together.
  • Please note that since this curriculum is designed for students to do independently and remotely, each lesson is not designed as a traditional 45-60 minute class. Lessons will typically take longer than this, which is why they are divided into manageable sections for students to complete on their own time.

Explore the Curriculum

Introduction Unit

COVID-19 in the United States and globally

Unit 1

Virus structure and function in the context of SARS-CoV-2

Unit 2

SARS-CoV-2 origins and how humans are infected

Unit 3

The COVID-19 disease

Unit 4

Controlling the COVID-19 pandemic

How to Use the Curriculum

Setting up your digital classroom