Job Prospects

Overall job opportunities for veterinarians are expected to be good. Although veterinary medicine is growing quickly, there are only 28 accredited veterinary programs in the United States, which produce a limited number of graduates—about 2,500—each year. However, most veterinary graduates are attracted to companion animal care, so job opportunities in that field will be fewer than in other areas.

Job opportunities in large animal practice, public health, and government should be best. Although jobs in farm animal care are not growing as quickly as those in companion animal care, opportunities will be better because fewer veterinarians compete to work with large animals. There also will be excellent job opportunities for government veterinarians in food safety, animal health, and public health.


Employment projections data for veterinarians, 2010-20

SOURCE: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment Projections program

Occupational Title: Veterinarians

Employment, 2010: 61,400

Projected Employment, 2020: 83,400

Change, 2010-20: 36%; 22,000 numeric


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