Executive Board Members 2023

Please welcome our new executive board for 2023! If you have any questions, please email tuftsprevet@gmail.com.

Co-President: Katie Meserve (2024)

Katie is a junior from New Hampshire who is majoring in Biology and pursuing a minor in German. She has a goldendoodle named Gus and a cat named Tux. She is primarily interested in small animal general practice, shelter medicine, and aquatic animal medicine. She has worked in a small animal general practice, an emergency clinic, and as a lab animal technician in the Miczek Lab at Tufts.

Co-President: Laurelle Sum (2024)

Laurelle is a junior majoring in biopsychology and minoring in child studies & human development. She is from Hong Kong / New York and has two dogs! She is interested in small animal medicine and wildlife medicine. She works as a vet assistant at a local clinic & has worked at a wildlife rehab center before. Her favorite animals are capybaras and seals!

Vice President: Kelly Liu (2025)

Kelly is a sophomore from Beijing, China. She has a cat called Little Five back at her home. She majors in biology and loves taking studio art classes. She shadowed at Arlington Animal Clinic over the semester and volunteered at a wildlife center over the summer. She is interested in exotic/ wildlife medicine.

Co-Treasurer: Keertti Sinnan (2024)

Keertti is a junior studying biology and education with interests in exotic and conservation medicine. At Tufts, she is a rodent research assistant in the Miczek Lab and an exotics extern at Arlington Animal Clinic. Back home in Long Island, NY, she has worked with animals at Sweetbriar Nature Center, Long Island Veterinary Specialists, HorseAbility, and the New York Marine Rescue Center. Though her favorite pet memories have been with her Labrador retriever, Hutch.

Co-Treasurer and Event Coordinator: Cyrus Rhea (2025)

Cyrus is a sophomore from Nebraska, majoring in Biochemistry. He is interested in large animal/mixed practice veterinary medicine. He loves running with his small Münsterländer named Ally. He has spent time shadowing large animal/mixed animal vets, and facilitated native bee conservation with the 4-H. His favorite animal is the pronghorn antelope. 

Co-Secretary: Nikhita Goel (2026)

Nikhita is a freshman planning to double major in Biology and Psychology from Cleveland, Ohio. She has one dog named Coco. She is interested in small animal medicine and wildlife/exotics but is open to learning about all types of veterinary medicine. She has shadowed a few small animal clinics in her hometown and hopes to work as a vet assistant during breaks. Her favourite animal is a cheetah. 

Co-Secretary: Brandon Cho (2026)

Brandon is currently a freshman planning to major in biology and possibly minoring in biological anthropology. He is from Seoul, South Korea and has a dog named Allo. He is not sure of his specific interests in veterinary medicine but is the most interested in small animal medicine. In high school, he helped run a club that helped homeless dogs in Korea find homes. His favorite animal is the poison dart frog.

Media Chair: Jahniya Paul (2025)

Jahniya is a sophomore majoring in Chemistry from Queens, NY. She is interested in mixed veterinary practice and emergency medicine. She has shadowed a general practice animal clinic that specializes in dental surgery. Her favorite animal is a penguin.

Webmaster and Shadow Coordinator: Kai Preminger (2026)

Kai is a freshman from Los Angeles, CA, likely majoring in biology. He has a wonderful labradoodle named Quincy back at home, and has helped to take care of her for 8 years after her diagnosis of Addisons Disease. He walks/watches dogs in his spare time. He has shadowed at a local clinic and animal hospital back in CA and is looking forward to gaining more experience with small animal practitioners over the summer break. His favorite animals are dogs and polar bears.