Jobs and Internships

Careers in Animal Behavior

This link provides information about internships in Indiana for those interested in animal behavior.

This link provides a possibility for summer research through the REU program at Indiana University.


A listing of veterinary related internships throughout the country. Provides links to the websites for the individual organizations.

A collection of various internships around the United States for pre-veterinary students. Includes information on each opportunity, application deadlines, and other important information.

Safari4u Veterinary Program – Internship

The program is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, offering volunteers opportunities to work with large, small, and exotic animals, explore various fields in veterinary medicine, gain clinical skills that are difficult to practice in the U.S., help animals in disadvantaged communities, and travel to an exotic country. For more information, check out Safari4u’s website (  and Facebook page (!

Knoll Farm (Brentwood, NY)

Knoll Farm allows you to work (clean tack and stalls, feed and groom horses, etc.) and in return you get lessons in dressage or hunt seat equitation and lectures on horse related topics. They also run a summer camp. Use the contact us link on the website to find out more.


Marine Science Opportunities

This site provides internship opportunities at a number of marine research labs in the United States.

New England Aquarium – Internship

The New England Aquarium offers internships in a variety of fields, from different exhibits to animal rescue and rehabilitation to their education department. Internships are available year-round. Most spring, summer and fall internships range between 9-12 weeks long, while January term internships require 125 total hours. Interns also receive various benefits for their services to the aquarium. Volunteer opportunities are also available (see below).

New England Wildlife Center – Internship

This internship, located in South Weymouth, MA (half an hour south of Tufts on route 93) provides college students an opportunity to work hands on in the care of sick and orphaned wildlife. The center sees everything from newly hatched birds to reptiles to hawks/owls to small foxes. Interns are involved in everything from the routine feeding and cleaning of cages to the administration of medication and assistance during surgical procedures. Internships are available year-round. They also offer volunteer positions. Limited housing is available at the Center for a minimal cost.

University of Vermont‘s Animal Science’s Webpage

The University of Vermont Department of Animal Sciences webpage has numerous links to internships and summer jobs as well as career info. The internship link provides opportunities broken up according to specific interests (i.e. equine, behavior, industry, conservation, etc.).

Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge (Medford, NJ)

Interns deal directly with the public bringing in animals and also assist with direct animal care and our environmental enrichment program. Assignments include: feeding, cleaning and otherwise providing care for injured and orphaned wildlife (this includes dishes and laundry); answering the telephone and giving information; returning animal concern phone calls; greeting people with incoming animals; assisting with special events, and all other aspects of the Refuge.

Zoo Internships

This website provides job and internship listings located at zoos and aquariums throughout the United States. The search feature allows you to target particular geographic locations and areas of interest.

Zoo New England – The Franklin Park Zoo (Boston, MA) and Stone Zoo (Stoneham, MA)

The Animal Care Internship at is a commitment of 40 hours per week for a period of 10 to 12 weeks (unpaid), or 400 hours. Interns attend weekly classes on different aspects of zookeeping, and complete a project of their own design. At the end of the internship, interns are evaluated by their supervisors and receive certificates for completing the program. Interns assist zookeepers in routine animal care including animal observations, diet preparation, enclosure cleaning and servicing, behavioral enrichment, and record keeping. Interns may also assist with exhibit design and construction, graphics, education programs, and veterinary procedures.

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