Article I
Section I. The name of this Organization shall be the Pre-Veterinary Society.

Article II
Section I. The Purpose of the Pre-Veterinary Society is to provide a resource for students considering veterinary medicine as a future career, to provide volunteers for local nonprofit animal care oriented organizations, and to raise funds for nonprofit organizations.

Article III
Section I. Membership will be open to any undergraduate member of the Tufts Community who has paid the Student Activities Fee.

Article IV
Section I. Meetings for officers and members will be held twice a semester during the academic year.
Section II. Officer meeting will be held on a monthly basis (or bi-monthly basis if necessary) during the academic year.

Article V
Section I. The officers of the organization shall be President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Public Relations, and Webmaster.

Article VI
Section I. Elections will be held in April of the academic year with the exception of the position of Secretary who will be elected in the fall and must be a member of the freshman or sophomore class.
Section II. All registered members are eligible to vote.
Section III. Voting members may be nominated for office by other voting members or they may nominate themselves.
Section IV. A candidate must win the election with a majority vote or by plurality.
Section V. Should there be a tie, the six officers will vote to break this tie. An incumbent officer may not vote if the tie is between himself/herself and another voting member.

Article VII
Section I. The President
a. Shall preside over all meetings.
b. Has the authority to act on the behalf of the Pre-Veterinary Society when matters require immediate action.
Section II. The Vice President
a. Shall take over the responsibilities of the President in his/her absence.
b. Shall assist the President in carrying out his/her duties.
Section III. The Treasurer
a. Shall keep all financial records.
b. Shall take responsibility for preparation of the budget of the Pre-Veterinary Society.
Section IV. The Secretary
a. Shall keep all minutes of the officer’s meetings.
Section V. The Webmaster
a. Shall maintain the website.

Article VIII
Section I. Impeachment of an Officer
a. Only a voting member may initiate the impeachment process.
b. The voting member must first meet privately with the officers which are not in question.
c. The officers will decide if there is just cause for concern, if they find the matter to be justified they will speak with the officer in question.
d. The officer in question will be given one month to rectify the situation.
e. If the situation is not rectified after one month a voting member may file a formal petition for impeachment with the officers. The petition may be anonymous but must be dated and signed by the voting member and include a detailed explanation.
f. The formal petition for impeachment will be presented at the next meeting.
g. A meeting will be held two weeks after the formal petition is presented, at which the voting members will vote to impeach or not to impeach the officer in question.
h. Two-thirds vote warrants impeachment of the officer in question.

Article IX
Section I. Amendments
a. A voting member may propose an amendment at any scheduled meeting.
b. At the next scheduled meeting, voting members will vote on the proposal.
c. Two-thirds vote warrants amendment to the constitution of the Pre-Veterinary Society.
d. All amendments to the constitution must be approved by the TCUJ prior to their enactment.

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