Article I: Name

Section I. The name of this organization shall be Pre-Veterinary Society.

Article II: Purpose

Section I. The purpose of the Pre-Veterinary Society is to provide resources and opportunities for students considering veterinary medicine as a future career and to raise funds for animal-affiliated nonprofit organizations.

Article III: Member Qualification

Section I. Membership will be open to any undergraduate student of the Tufts community who has paid the Student Activities Fee.

Article IV: Meetings

Section I. Meetings for officers and members will be held bi-monthly during the academic year.

Section II. Meetings for officers will be held weekly during the academic year.

Article V: Officer Positions

Section I. The officers of the organization shall be President, Vice President, Treasurer, Treasurer in Training, Secretary, Event Coordinator, Assistant Event Coordinator, Clinical Experience Coordinator, and Webmaster.

Article VI: Officer Election

Section I. Elections will be held in December of the academic year.

Section II. The positions of President and Vice President must be filled by a member who has served on the Executive Board for at least two semesters.

Section III. Any member of the organization will be eligible to run for a position or nominate another member for office.

Section IV. Any member of the organization will be eligible to vote.

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