Research Opportunities

New England Primate Center – Pre-Baccalaureate Program

Undergraduates in the biological sciences who plan to pursue a career in biomedical research can apply for this competitive pre-baccalaureate summer training program. Students work side-by-side with NERPRC scientists during the summer months. The Center is located on a 140-acre wooded tract in Southborough, 25 miles from Boston. Students will be responsible for their own housing arrangements and transportation to and from the Center (public transportation not available). Students will receive $12.50 per hour (based on a 35-hour week) for a maximum of three months. Multiple opportunities are offered in the areas of neuroscience, neurogenetics, behavioral biology, immunology, microbiology/virology, comparative pathology and primate medicine.


Tufts Biology and Psychology Departments

Some professors in these departments work specifically with animals or on animal behavior-related research. Check the individual department listings and contact the professors to check if there is space available in their lab.


Woods Hole (MA) – Marine Biology

REU (research experience for undergraduates) in Woods Hole, MA – Marine Science Research. Interns work on a semi-independent project with an appropriate host scientist. Interns work closely with a host scientist to design a feasible project, carry out the work, and prepare results for talks and manuscripts. The host scientists have a remarkable range of diverse interests, from molecular to watershed scales, from biology to chemistry and geology, and from bacteria to fish (see the website for listings). The research community in Woods Hole is involved in many-faceted work on organisms and ecosystems at the edge of the sea. There are many themes, from molecular aspects of microbial genetics, to behavior of animals in fluids in motion, to whole ecosystem responses to anthropogenic disturbances. Interns participate in weekly meetings to discuss selected topics, learn about doing research, present talks, write papers, and learn about professional life. Interns are expected to present results at the Annual Meetings of the Marine Biological Laboratory, and prepare a manuscript for submission for publication.

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