Summer Veterinary Opportunity – Safari4u Veterinary Program

For anyone dealing with the stressful summer internship process and looking for ways to gain experience in veterinary medicine, take a look at the Safari4u Veterinary Program, a veterinary volunteer program in South Africa. The program is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, offering volunteers opportunities to work with large, small, and exotic animals, explore various fields in veterinary medicine, gain clinical skills that are difficult to practice in the U.S., help animals in disadvantaged communities, and travel to an exotic country. For more information, check out Safari4u’s website (  and Facebook page (!

Welcome the 2017 E-Board!

Please welcome our new board for the Spring and Fall semesters of 2017! Feel free to contact anyone with questions!

Nairi Krafian (2018)
Major: Biopsychology
Hometown: Belmont, MA
Interests: Behavior, physical therapy, international veterinary medicine
Nairi Krafian
Aubrey Specht (2019)
Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Littleton, MA
Interests: Pathology and equine medicine
Aubrey Specht
Devon Valera (2019)
Major: Biopsychology
Hometown: Fairfield, CT
Interests: Genetics and evolutionary biology
Devon Valera
Michelle Kwon (2020)
Major: Biopsychology
Hometown: Ridgewood, NJ
Interests: Human-animal interactions and small animal medicine
Michelle Kwon
Dana Perry (2019)
Major: Biology
Hometown: Bethany, CT
Interests: Mixed practice
Dana Perry
Ilana Gitlin (2019)
Major: Biology (minor in Russian)
Hometown: Oyster Bay Cove, NY
Interests: Small animal medicine
Ilana Gitlin
Webmaster/Social Media Chair:
Belinda von Breitenbach (2019)
Major: Biology & Spanish
Hometown: New York, NY
Interests: Equine medicine and wildlife medicine
Belinda von Breitenbach
Student Representatives:
Jamie Tebeau (2020)
Major: Biopsychology
Hometown: Warwick, RI
Interests: Small animal surgery and shelter medicine
Jamie Tebeau
TJ Robins (2020)
Major: Biology/Biopsychology
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Interests: Large animal medicine
TJ Robins
Fundraising Chair:
Risa Goldberg (2018)
Majors: Biology & Spanish
Hometown: Marlboro, NJ
Interests: Small animal medicine
Risa Goldberg
Shadowing Coordinators:
Sahana Rao-Chakravorti (2018)
Major: Psychology & Studio Art
Hometown: Brookline, MA
Interests: Small animal medicine
Sahana Rao-Chakravorti
Fannie Sheinman (2020)
Major: undecided (English & Child Development)
Hometown: New York, NY
Interests: Surgery and rehabilitation/release
Fannie Sheinman

2016 E-Board Announcement!

Congratulations to all those who’ve been elected for the upcoming year!  We are sad to see our previous officers graduate, but we are excited for the future of PVS with our new e-board.

The 2016 officers are:

President: Alena Naimark ’17

Alena Naimark

Vice Presidents: Riley Aronson ’17 & Nairi Krafian ’18


Secretary: Camille Hironaka ’17

Camille Hironaka

Treasurers: Harris Fitzgerel ’17 & Dana Perry ’19

Harris Fitzgerel dana perry pvs

Webmasters: Asia Acevedo ’18 & Jarod Gowgiel ’19

lilyyyy jarod pvs

Peer Health Collaborative Liaisons: Sean Boyden ’17 & Risa Goldberg ’18

Sean Boyden RisaGoldberg

Student Representatives: Ellory Wolin ’19 & Devon Valera ’19

ellory devon pvs

Congratulations to Our New E-Board!

We have officially elected our new e-board for the spring and fall of 2015! It’s been a wonderful year with our board, and good luck to all of our graduating seniors! We are so excited to welcome many new students to our board, and cannot wait for what the future will bring for the Pre-Vet Society!

2015 E-Board:

President: Nick Lordi

Nick Lordi

Vice President: Alena Naimark

Alena Naimark

Secretary: Camille Hironaka

Camille Hironaka

Treasurers: Harris Fitzgerel and Kendra Nowak

Harris Fitzgerel    Kendra Nowak

Webmasters: Riley Aronson and Elizabeth Liu (not pictured yet)

Riley Aronson

Peer Health Collaborative Liaisons: Sean Boyden and Risa Goldberg

Sean Boyden  RisaGoldberg

Student Representatives: Asia Acevedo and Jenn Duffy

Asia Acevedo   Jenn Duffy

Guest Speaker Dr. Burgess THIS WEDNESDAY 11/12

burgess talkThis Wednesday, 11/12, in Barnum 114 at 6 pm, we are hosting our next guest speaker of the year! Dr. Burgess is a veterinary oncologist in practice at the Foster Small Animal Hospital at the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. She also teaches medical oncology at the vet school. Pizza will be served, so come hungry! See the attached flyer for more info on Dr. Burgess and the event.

Guest Speaker 11/4 at 7 PM: Dr. Megan Mueller

Next Tuesday, 11/4, the Pre-Vet Society will be hosting a guest speaker! Dr. Megan Mueller is a triple Jumbo (08, 10, 13) and an expert in human-animal interaction studies and public policy. Her research investigates the impact of equine-facilitated psychotherapy on youth with post-traumatic stress, among other topics. She also teaches a class in the spring called Human-Animal Interaction in Childhood and Adolescence (CD 143-11). Come meet Dr. Mueller and learn more about her research and this great course! The discussion will take place in Barnum 114. Food and drinks will be provided. See the attached flyer for more information! photo

Bake Sale Fundraiser THIS SATURDAY 10/18

bakesale2014Come to the Tisch roof this Saturday, October 18th, from 10 am to 3 pm to support the Pre-Vet Society’s annual bake sale fundraiser! This year, we are working in coordination with the Tufts Animal Welfare Club, and all proceeds will go to Kitty Connections, a non-profit local animal shelter. Kitty Connections rescues abandoned, homeless, or abused cats and dogs and works entirely on a volunteer and donation basis. (See the attached flyer for more information.) Help support Kitty Connections and enjoy some delicious home-made treats!


US Army/Navy Scholarship Info Session 10/14!

As we all know, paying for graduate school can be difficult and stressful. The US Army and Navy offers a Health Professions Scholarship, which pays for 100% of tuition, fees, books, and provides a monthly stipend, in exchange for service in a branch of the armed forces. If you’re at all interested in this great opportunity, check out the info session this Tuesday, October 14th, from 7 to 8 PM in Pearson 104! This event is co-sponsored by the Pre-Vet, Pre-Med, and Pre-Dental Societies, and should be an informative presentation. Hope to see you there! View the attached flyer for more info!


Army Navy Recruitment Flyer Revised

Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine Open House THIS SUNDAY, Sept. 21!

If you’re pre-vet or an animal lover, or even if you just want to get away from campus for a day and see some beautiful New England scenery, join the Pre-Vet Society at the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine Open House this Sunday! This a community event hosted by Tufts Vet in Grafton, MA, and there are tons of cool and informative guest speakers, activities, and exhibits throughout the day. Transportation is provided and tickets are FREE on Tufts Tickets! See the flyer below for more info!