Seeking Program Director

The Tufts Pre-College team is currently seeking a Program Director to assist in managing our 6-week Tufts Summer Research Experience (TSRE) and Lab Science Investigations (LSI). These programs, offering residential, commuter, and virtual learning opportunities, will welcome high school juniors and seniors to an exciting summer research experience under the mentorship of Tufts’ world-class researchers and their teams. LSI builds students’ foundational skills required to conduct scientific research and basic lab techniques. TSRE offers more advanced science students the opportunity to work on real, cutting edge research while deepening basic lab skills. 

Time Commitment 

The Tufts Summer Research Experience will take place for 6 weeks during the summer from July 5th to August 12th, 2022, with students participating in their selected lab in the mornings, and group programming in the afternoons. Lab Sciences Investigations will run concurrently with TSRE (7/10-8/5), with stackable 2 week sessions (students may enroll in up to 2 sessions). Like TSRE, LSI will operate on a rotating schedule: Mondays will consist of full-group workshops on careers in the lab sciences; on Tue/Wed & Thu/Fri, students will rotate between two small group lab sessions. 

The Program Director can expect to work an average of 5-10 hours per week during the spring semester for pre-program planning, with the hours ramping up to about 15-20 hours per week in the summer for ‘on-site’ afternoon programming. 

Program Planning: 3-4 hours/week Dec-June (flexible days/times) 

Program Dates: July 5th to August 12th, 2022 (6 weeks) 

Program Hours: Monday-Thursday, 3-5PM; Friday, 9-5PM (during 4 weeks of LSI); 

3-5 possible additional hours depending on program needs 


The total compensation for the TSRE/LSI Program Director position, inclusive of all planning and program time, is $5000. 


As a Program Director, your duties include, but are not limited to: 

● Program Planning and Preparation 

○ Admissions: along with TA, review applications, correspond with applicants regarding incorrect information / errors, manage faculty application review process, post admission letters, follow-up with students regarding lab placement, administer lab changes (if necessary) 

○ Marketing: review of marketing materials provided by Director of Marketing, website update suggestions, personal outreach (email and phone calls) to leads and applicants, helps develop social media posts and reposts relevant content, writes updates to parents and students during the program 

○ Hiring/Payroll: confirms guest speakers, confirms library time, supports recruitment and hiring of TAs (as necessary), identifies mentors in each TSRE lab, passes hiring information to the Pre-College team 

○ Program Materials Prep: places students into TA groups, sets-up CANVAS, zoom sessions, other resources as needed 

○ Program Planning: plan afternoon sessions and speaker series, Monday LSI career workshops, as well as any l opening and closing activities, including poster presentations; see example TSRE schedule. 

● Operations 

○ Communications: Acts as main point of contact for program duration, and handle communication with students and families throughout the program 

○ Schedule all necessary trainings 

○ Afternoon sessions: develops and runs afternoon sessions with full oversight during program hours; liaises with staff, faculty and guest speakers who are participating in the sessions 

○ TSRE Poster Session: Oversees planning for and development of student poster presentations 

○ Orientation / Closing: develops and participates in opening day and closing day activities, including poster presentations 


● Strong interpersonal, communication, and customer service skills (written and verbal) 

● Adept critical thinking, process development, and operationalization. Strong attention to detail 

● Excellent project management skills, prioritization abilities and navigation of tight deadlines 

● Proficiency and previous experience with Microsoft Office Suite strongly preferred 

● Previous experience in research and/or program management preferred 

● Previous experience working with high school aged students preferred 

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