Proof School – Intern in Mathematical Sciences

Proof School invites applications for an internship position beginning in July 2019. Proof School is an independent school in San Francisco that provides a liberal arts education for students in grades six to twelve who love math.

Interns at Proof School have the opportunity to work with some of the most mathematically talented and motivated students in the San Francisco Bay Area within the setting of a small school community.The internship position involves a combination of assisting math faculty in the classroom, developing and leading lessons, engaging in the full life of the school, and using open time to pursue their own mathematical studies. Compensation for a 2019-20 Proof School internship is set at $48,018. Individuals must hold a college degree by the time of employment and be 25 years old or younger to be eligible for an internship. The duration of an internship ordinarily lasts for one year, with an option to extend the internship by one additional year as appropriate.

To apply for an internship position at Proof School, follow these steps.

1. Send an email message to indicating your interest in the position. This message should explain why you anticipate that it would be rewarding to work with middle and high school students, why you enjoy mathematics as a subject, and what directions you feel that your career might take and how an internship at Proof School would support them.

2. Attach a CV listing educational background, degrees earned or expected, any teaching experience gained, other relevant experience with middle or high school students, names and contact info of two references we may speak with, and any further information desired.

Completed applications will be acknowledged via an email. Proof School will review applications as they are received and continue until the position is filled; we anticipate meeting candidates during April, May and June of 2019. Candidates are welcome to contact Proof School to determine whether the position is still open or if their plans for employment change after they have submitted an application

Horizons Fellowship

The Horizons Fellowship supports outstanding undergradute and graduate students (of any year) in their pursuit to combine technology into their existing course of study. The Horizons Fellowship gives STEM majors the ability to learn about real-world technology and build advanced software products.

Our world is becoming increasingly multidisciplinary in nature. Horizons is designed to provide access to a modern technology skill set for students like those in your department.

Interested candidates can start an application here!

Grad Student Program Assistant – Tufts Summer Research Experience

Brief overview:

We are looking to hire 2 graduate student program assistants for the Tufts Summer Research Experience, running from July 01 – August 9. This position would involve mentoring 11th– and 12th-grade student researchers working in labs across Tufts, with a primary responsibility of guiding students to turn their in-lab experience into scientific research.

Summary of the program:

The program runs for 6 weeks, June 30-August 9. We expect to have around 30 students from all over the world.  We have already admitted and placed some very strong students into labs situated in a broad range of departments from Biomedical to Chemistry to Child Studies & Human Development.  In addition to conducting research in the labs, the students will be working with science librarians, in the computer lab, receiving safety and RCR training, and participating in a journal club, along with other enrichment activities to introduce them to the research process and what is involved in developing a research question.  The goal is to give them a strong foundation for launching into research early in their college careers. The Tufts Summer Research Experience is part of a series of new residential pre-college programs that have successfully launched this past summer.


Graduate student program assistants will be responsible for guiding students through the process of translating their in-lab experience to scientific research.  This is a part time position, approximately 10 hours of work per week, working late afternoons (3pm-5pm).  The program runs for six weeks, from 07/01 – 08/09, with an additional training during the week of June 24th. Program assistants will work closely with the program director facilitating journal discussions, unstructured reading and writing time, networking sessions, and end-of-program poster sessions.  They will also work with mentor faculty to understand the research problems students are working on.  Program assistants should be comfortable with reading and discussing journal articles, and be able to work with research topics spanning a range of disciplines.

To apply please reach out to the Program Director, Robert Hayes,