Jamesville DeWitt Various School District Job Openings

Jamesville DeWitt CSD
Job Openings
May 2020

Current Openings: 

Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services

Elementary Special Education Teacher

Speech/Language Therapist

Teaching Assistant

Accepting Applications for: 
Elementary Education Teacher

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Effective: July 2020

Assistant Director of
Pupil Personnel Services

About us
Jamesville-DeWitt has an uncompromising commitment to excellence for all facets of our educational system. The District is known for its progressive programs, technology rich schools, and an array of programs geared to satisfy every student interest. Having a richly diverse student body which closely mirrors today’s society, our goal is to have just as diverse a faculty, which encourages a challenging educational experience in a safe, nurturing environment.

We know that the tremendous success of our students is due to the high quality administrators and teachers that work here. We are dedicated to continuing to provide our students with staff who are innovative, involved, and life-long learners. Our administrators and teachers are encouraged to take advantage of the many programs and benefits we offer for continuing education and professional growth.

Jamesville-DeWitt is dedicated to the goal of building a culturally diverse and pluralistic staff committed to teaching and working in a multicultural environment.  Administrators who share this promise and are committed to excellence for all our students are encouraged to apply. 

Our Assistant Director of PPS will

  • Serve as a Chairperson for the Committees for Special Education and Preschool Special Education
  • Act as liaison between building Pupil Services Teams and the Committees for Special Education and Preschool Special Education
  • Coordinate pre-vocational and vocational evaluations for students with disabilities
  • Coordinate transportation arrangements for special education programs
  • Coordinate homebound instruction
  • Perform such additional duties as may be delegated by the director
  • Coordinate summer twelve-month programming
  • Assist the director with supervision of curriculum implementation for special education
  • Oversee transition planning for secondary students
  • Evaluate instructional and non-instructional staff at the request of the director
  • Coordinate itinerant related service staff
  • Assume responsibility for own professional growth

We are looking for someone who

  • Is a life-long learner who comes to school every day with the attitude that they will learn as much as they teach, and welcome the knowledge.
  • Is a proud member of the school community and an active participant in the District’s direction for the future.
  • Is a person who celebrates diversity and incorporates it into his or her work and will enrich the learning environment.
  • Sees every student as an individual.
  • Is passionate about education 
  • Comes to the table with an open mind, prepared to offer thoughtful suggestions and positive commentary.
  • Can be successful working in a district that has strong community support and understands what it takes to keep that support going.
  • Is part of a team, cheering and supporting fellow teammates.
  • Is someone who insists on being part of a district that sets, and meets, high standards.
  • Goes home at night knowing that they somehow made a difference that day– and that it was appreciated.

We offer you
The opportunity to live and work in beautiful Central New York.  The Central New York region is transitioning to a knowledge-based economy, bolstered by its location at the center of a corridor that has one of the highest concentrations of undergraduate and graduate students in the country. CNY is home to university research institutions, a major medical university, and numerous colleges and universities. In addition, the regional workforce is consistently rated as one of the most highly productive nationally.

Salary is competitive and commensurate with your experience.  Jamesville-DeWitt employees are provided with a benefits package that includes medical, dental, life, and disability insurance, and remitted tuition credits through Syracuse University,

Application process is available on our website, jamesvilledewitt.org/employment



The Special Education Teacher is responsible for planning, delivering and assessing a specialized educational program for individual and/or groups of students with identified special needs.


Instructional Design:
Designs appropriate units/lessons regarding content and student developmental level

  • Correlates lesson/unit planning with District curriculum and classroom teachers
  • Uses learning activities and resources/materials that support benchmarks and accommodate different learning styles
  • Identifies and organizes all materials needed for the execution of the lesson/unit
  • Incorporates instructional strategies that are considered best practice for student learning
  • Uses assessments that accurately gauge student progress
  • Interprets and uses assessment data for planning

Instructional Delivery:
Uses prepared materials in a manner that promotes effective student learning

  • Motivates students and maintains student interest
  • Encourages student involvement, independent thinking and learning
  • Provides accurate and constructive feedback to students 

Classroom Environment

  • Utilizes a consistent, clear and appropriate behavior management system
  • Responds consistently and appropriately to individual student behavior
  • Utilizes efficient systems for handling materials and supplies
  • Establishes procedures to manage the beginning and end of a lesson as well as transitions between activities
  • Creates an aesthetic environment which supports curriculum and instruction
  • Organizes classroom to support student learning in a healthy and safe manner
  • Uses equipment, materials and facilities appropriately

Other Professional Duties

  • Establishes and maintains open lines of communication with parents, peers and administrators
  • Maintains an efficient and effective record keeping system
  • Actively participates in professional growth activities
  • Actively supports building and district initiatives and programs
  • Attends and participates in district, building and departmental meetings
  • Maintains confidentiality
  • Performs additional duties as assigned by the supervisor

CSE Related Duties

  • Observes students in class as part of CSE referral and review process
  • Administers tests to help determine academic function and appropriate adaptations
  • Schedules and administers state and other standardized tests, providing appropriate accommodations as necessary
  • Develops, implements and monitors the IEP for assigned students
  • Assists administration in scheduling and monitoring students into specialized programs
  • Establishes a system of communication with other staff working with students
  • Attends PST and CSE meetings, providing information on student function and recommending changes in the IEP as necessary
  • Develops behavior modification programs 
  • Provides and/or assists in the provision of modifications/ adaptations for the methods, materials and evaluation carried out in the regular class as appropriate
  • Keeps current regarding legislation, regulations and procedures regarding disabling conditions

The Special Education Teacher reports to the building principal and the Director of Pupil Personnel Services.



The Speech Therapist is responsible for identifying, diagnosing and remediating speech and language deficits in students.


  • Provides speech and language screening for new entrants
  • Assesses and diagnoses speech and language of students as needed
  • Schedules student therapy in collaboration with the classroom teacher, principal and PPS Director
  • Provides appropriate individualized programs of therapy for children as needed
  • Refers individuals to agencies and specialists as appropriate
  • Assists staff in referring students suspected of a disorder
  • Collaborates with staff to develop classroom activities for individual student speech and language programs as appropriate
  • Provides information to staff and parents on topics covering speech and language development and remediation of communication disorders
  • Maintains accurate records on student progress
  • Confers with parents and teachers regarding student progress and evaluations
  • Requisitions and maintains needed equipment and supplies
  • Presents diagnostic information and recommendations for speech/language services to the Committee for Special Education upon request
  • Develops an IEP for each student for whom the Speech Therapist is responsible
  • Keeps current regarding legislation, regulations and procedures regarding disabling conditions
  • Acts as a resource for staff and the CSE regarding speech/language services
  • Performs additional duties as assigned by the supervisor

The Speech Therapist reports directly to the Director of Pupil Personnel Services and the building principal. 



The Teacher Assistant is responsible for providing direct instructional services to students under the general supervision of a teacher who provides direction and guidance concerning the instructional services provided to students.


Instructional Tasks

  • Works with individual or groups of students as assigned by the teacher
  • Assists students in the use of instructional resources
  • Assists in the provision of specific adaptations under teacher supervision
  • Assists students with subject matter under teacher supervision
  • Assists in administering examinations
  • Assists in development of instructional materials
  • Assists in related instructional work as required
  • Assists in instructional programs in such areas as computer-assisted instruction
  • Provides teacher with information about students to aid in instructional planning

Support Tasks

  • Assists students with specific health related needs as assigned
  • Supervises students
  • Performs clerical tasks as required
  • Performs additional duties as assigned by the supervisor

The Teacher Assistant reports to the teacher and the principal.

Employment Link:

District Website:

Psychology Trainees Wanted!

Camp Baker is now accepting psychology trainees for a fun opportunity to gain direct service hours over the summer

Have your summer classes been cancelled? Are your summer internships no longer happening? Do you need something to do? Apply to be a counselor at Camp Baker! 

Camp Baker at Judge Baker Children’s Center currently has graduate-level and undergraduate-level summer training positions available. Camp Baker is a therapeutic summer program based off of the Summer Treatment Program (STP) and is specifically designed for 6-12 year old children with ADHD. The STP has positive effects on the serious behavioral, social, and academic difficulties exhibited by children diagnosed with ADHD. 
Camp Baker is currently accepting applications for three roles:
1) Graduate Counselor,
2) Undergraduate Counselor,
3) Teaching Assistant.

Please visit our website for a detailed description of roles and responsibilities for each position: https://campbaker.org/training-opportunities/. All aspects of the training program are supervised by a licensed clinical psychologist. Trainees typically gain over 200 hours of experience providing treatment directly to children. Opportunities for participating in behavioral parent training groups are also available. Trainees complete a week-long training prior to the start of treatment and receive ongoing supervision. Training begins Wednesday, July 1, 2019 with the July 4th holiday off. Camp Baker runs from Wednesday, July 8th and continues through Friday, August 14th, 2020.

The stipend for graduate-level positions is $2,500 and the stipend for undergraduate-level positions is $1,000.

Data Science Fellowship

The Data Science Fellowship Program from The Data Incubator is one of the most rigorous, intensive programs available today. Designed to create the data scientists of tomorrow from qualified STEM academics, this full-time, eight-week program provides the skills needed to succeed in the “best job in America.”

Apply today to learn the most in-demand tools and programs from leading data scientists with years of experience at some of the world’s most innovative companies and universities. Become an expert in Python, Spark and TensorFlow while refining your coding and deployment abilities. By the end of the program, you’ll have the skills and tools you need to become one of the leading data scientists of the future.

Scholarships are available to highly-qualified, exceptional candidates. Put your best foot forward in your application for a chance to earn one of our coveted full scholarships.

Hiring Network

To help you find a great career after completing your program, we work closely with a number of companies actively seeking the best and brightest data minds to join their teams.

Apply now: https://www.thedataincubator.com/fellowship/apply.html

Summer 2020 session runs from June 29, 2020 to August 21, 2020.

  1. Early Application Deadline: April 03, 2020
  2. Early Decision Notification: April 17, 2020
  3. Regular Application Deadline: May 02, 2020
  4. Regular Decision Notification: May 15, 2020

AmeriCorps VISTA Member: Teachers and Administrators Needed!

THE POSITION:AmeriCorps VISTA is an opportunity for Americans of many ages and backgrounds to give their time and talent to get things done. No matter what you’re passionate about, where you’re from, or why you choose to serve, AmeriCorps VISTA is your chance to be the greater good. Given the opportunity to selectively apply for your respective service program, applicants get the opportunity to receive practical work experience at an established organization for the duration of their term at one of many of our service sites around the United States Examples of jobs and industries to work with include:

  • Expand access to technology in rural areas
  • Obtain safe and affordable housing for veterans and military families
  • Organize volunteers to mentor children from low-income families
  • And so much more!


  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Pass a Criminal Background Check
  • Must be a US Citizen, US National, Lawful Permanent Resident, and a person lawful residing in the state


  • Location Preference – choose to apply to 10 different opportunities at numerous locations around the United States
  • Living allowance – equal to the poverty line in the service’s respective county
  • Relocation Allowance – if you move 50+ miles from your home
  • End of Service Award – equal to the current amount the Pell grant (~6000)
  • Healthcare Benefits
  • Non-Competitive Eligibility (NCE) – have priority and easier access to federal positions
  • Professional Development Training
  • Childcare
  • Many More… https://www.nationalservice.gov/programs/americorps/americorps-programs/americorps-vista/life-vista-member

APPLY: https://nationalservice.gov/programs/americorps/americorps-programs/americorps-vista/join-americorps-vista

School Psychologist position


  • Position Title: School Psychologist
  • Terms of Employment:      201 days per year (School year + 15 days)
  • Union Classification:        Non-union
  • FLSA Classification:        Exempt

Job Goal:  

This position performs specialized psychological work in an educational setting to help students achieve optimal  learning. This work includes collecting, assessing, and analyzing individual student information from observations, evaluations and assessments of referred students and working cooperatively as an interdisciplinary team member to plan and provide appropriate interventions and services through the student services department and provides opportunities for direct social skills instruction and counseling support. 


  • Masters Degree
  • Valid New Hampshire School Psychologist Certification or proof of eligibility
  • Comprehensive knowledge of school psychology theory, child growth and development, conditions affecting learning and behavior, psychological tests and measurements, academic assessments, functional behavior assessments / behavior intervention plans, and crisis management 
  • Ability to work cooperatively as an interdisciplinary team member and establish and maintain effective working relationships with community agencies, students, families, teachers, administrators and others
  • Ability to select,  interpret and use diagnostic and assessment data
  • Counseling, interviewing, and crisis intervention skills 
  • Ability to handle confidential information with complete security
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and time management skills
  • Knowledge, skills and abilities to apply and interpret federal, state and local laws and policies related to educational service requirements for students
  • Valid driver’s license and ability to drive required due to travel between District schools

Volunteer opportunities in Cambridge Public Schools

Cambridge School Volunteers’ Art and Science in One brings fourth- and fifth-grade students to Fresh Pond Reservation for a structured program in nature journaling as a gateway to engagement with science learning and science practices.

The program provides each student with an adult volunteer who mentors the student over the course of two 1-hour and three 2-hour sessions. Mentoring is specifically designed to support students’ development of a scientific practice—honing their observation and data collection skills. Students and mentors work together for a) two indoor sessions that introduce build the most basic scientific observation and observational drawing skills using natural objects, and b) three 2-hour trips of structured and supervised nature journaling at Fresh Pond Reservation.

More information:

1. file:///C:/Users/shusey01/Downloads/AS1%20Description%20Feb%202020%20(1).pdf

2. https://www.csvinc.org/for-volunteers/how-to-get-started-2/

Further information: Meg Ramsdell, Executive Dir., Cambridge School Volunteers mramsdell@cpsd.us Julie Croston, Coordinator, Art & Science in One Program jcroston@cpsd.us

Education Majors & Teachers: International Opportunities

Have you always wondered how you can help in other countries? There are many places that need your skills.

Please read NGOabroad website http://www.ngoabroad.com/
and send BRIEFLY answered Questionnaire and resume
in the body of an email to: info@NGOabroad.com

These are volunteer opportunities.
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
Both students and seasoned teachers needed.
Often you can decide start date & duration of service.

Apply soon!
It is smart to finish application process by March so you have time to prepare to go to another country.

Our volunteer programs do not just run in June, July & August – that is simply when the most people can go.
Except primary & secondary schools that have school schedules to adhere to, most of our programs run year round.

UGANDA: Secondary School

Do you excel  in and can explain writing and grammar? Math, Physics, Chemistry and/or Biology? We need you!
In Uganda, the president skims the money off the top so no money goes to the government schools so the teachers
don’t show up. Penniless citizens start schools such as this to meet the need. There are 70-100 students per class.
People that can teach or tutor are urgently needed to give more individual attention to students.
The first goal is to see that these youth can get high marks on the National Examination
so that they can get a scholarship to Makerere, Uganda’s best university. Second goal is to ignite a passion for learning.
Also: experienced teachers wanted to mentor overwhelmed Ugandan teachers.

UGANDA: Primary & Preschool
The above secondary school has expanded to include primary & preschool.
They ask your help in working directly with students to improve their math, reading, social studies & science skills;
and to work with Ugandan teachers to improve their teaching techniques and curriculum.

Continue reading

Summer Teaching Experiences for Undergraduates (TEU)

For Liberal Arts Institutions

Supported by a $2.1 million grant from the National Science Foundation, the Teaching Experiences for Undergraduates (TEU) program provides undergraduate STEM majors, planning to pursue a teaching career in science or seriously interested in exploring such a career, with an immersive summer experience in secondary mathematics or science education. 

Each year, 24 STEM undergraduates selected from a network of 61 liberal arts institutions take part in a 6-week summer program that integrates a mathematics or science pedagogy course with a teaching practicum. Twelve students per summer participate in the mathematics TEU program at Brown University, and 12 participate in the science TEU program at Trinity College.  TEU participants are awarded a stipend ranging from $2,500 to $3,500 depending on whether or not they choose to receive degree credit for the pedagogy course and on the student’s financial aid status at his/her home institution. 

Read more at https://teu.vassar.edu/about/

APPLY – DEADLINES FEB. 28, 2020·      

Available Positions for Coding 101

Program Overview:

This 3-week Summer Intensive, offered by Tufts’ University College to rising High School juniors and seniors, will enable students to begin to master the skills necessary to build interactive applications (using Python) that solve real world problems, regardless of initial skill level. Visits with local tech companies (‘Tech Treks’) supplement in-class instruction and introduce students to the vast array of career paths available in the ever-expanding world of technology.

Program Director

  • Light planning leading up to program (logistics, hiring, scheduling, etc.) supported by University College staff
  • Overall logistics and coordination while program is in-session (July 12-31)
  • Chaperone on field trips
  • Attend opening / closing dinners and events
  • Other duties as needed
  • $4,000 compensation

Course Instructor

  • Instruct the three-week course: July 12-31, 9am – 11:30am M-F
  • Develop curriculum and block schedule in consultation with Program Director
  • Identification of TAs and module speaker
  • Attend opening / closing dinners and events
  • Other duties as needed
  • $8,615 compensation (standard summer instructor rate)

Contact: precollege@tufts.edu

Undergraduate-Level Summer Training Positions open at Camp Baker

Camp Baker at Judge Baker Children’s Center currently has eighteen undergraduate-level summer training positions available. Camp Baker is a therapeutic summer program based off of the Summer Treatment Program (STP) and is specifically designed for 6-12 year old children with ADHD. The STP has positive effects on the serious behavioral, social, and academic difficulties exhibited by children diagnosed with ADHD.

Summer trainees at Camp Baker will implement the treatment program in a camp setting for children with ADHD. They will receive extensive training and experience implementing the research-based intervention. Students with STP experience are often highly sought-after in graduate training programs in clinical psychology, social work, medicine, and education. Previous trainees within Camp Baker have gone in to successful careers in all of these fields.

Camp Baker is currently accepting applications for two roles: 1) Undergraduate Counselor and 2) Teaching Assistant. Please visit our website for a detailed description of roles and responsibilities for each position: https://campbaker.org/training-opportunities/

All aspects of the training program are supervised by a licensed clinical psychologist. Trainees typically gain over 200 hours of experience providing treatment directly to children. Opportunities for participating in behavioral parent training groups are also available.

Trainees complete a week-long training prior to the start of treatment and receive ongoing supervision. Training begins Wednesday, July 1, 2019 with the July 4th holiday off. Camp Baker runs from Wednesday, July 8th and continues through Friday, August 14th, 2020. Trainees typically work from 7:30am until 4:30pm and stay from 7:30am-6pm one evening per week. The stipend for undergraduate-level positions this summer is $1,000.

Interested applicants should apply on the website under the training tab. Mandatory materials that must be uploaded are listed below:

  • A cover letter describing your professional development goals and how Camp Baker might fit with those goals
  • A current CV
  • A de-identified assessment report, treatment report, or other psychology-related writing sample
  • The name and contact information for your practicum coordinator (for applicants looking to gain practicum or academic credit)
  • Three letters of recommendation (sent to Dr. Tannenbaum from the recommender directly through the website)