Home-Schooling Instructor

We are three families from Lexington, MA, looking for a Home-Schooling Instructor starting in late August for two rising 1st graders (2 girls) and 3 rising 3rd graders (1 boy and 2 girls) from the same public elementary school. We are three sets of working parents who wish we had more time to work with our kids on remote learning, but unfortunately our jobs don’t allow it.

The plan for school in the fall is not yet developed; however, we want to maintain continuity in their learning and are looking for the right instructor to keep them excited about learning. 

The homeschool schedule is somewhat flexible, and dependent on whether in-person school learning will occur (and the schedule of that learning), but would be a minimum of 25 hours per week. Of course, this may all change to a more hybrid in-school/home-school schedule depending on the plan for school in the fall. 

Key responsibilities include:
facilitating and helping with online learning provided by our kids’ public school, keeping the kids motivated, focused, and on-track with weekly assignments, enhancing the school lesson plans with age-appropriate learning, planning fun educational activities such as building a volcano, getting the kids outside as much as possible (for fun and exploration) so they are moving rather than sitting in front of a screen the entire day. We realize that computer learning is a big part of remote learning, but hope to incorporate non-screen learning as much as possible. 

Our ideal plan is to rotate houses during the week and we are all able to set up a dedicated and separate learning space inside our homes as you never know what the weather will be like in New England! Families hosting the learning space for the week will have at least one working parent present in the home during homeschool hours. All learning spaces will be cleaned at the beginning and end of the day. Families will practice responsible quarantining practices. 

Must love kids, have a lot of energy and creativity, and be comfortable with technology (Zoom, Google platforms, etc.). We also hope the instructor can meet the individual needs of each student, as well as engage in collaborative group learning geared to the respective grade levels (1st and 3rd grades). 

Instructor should have demonstrated experience and/or educational background in teaching kids in this age range.

Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience.

Interested Candidates Please Contact:

Alyssa Yenikomshian

Jamesville DeWitt Various School District Job Openings

Jamesville DeWitt CSD
Job Openings
May 2020

Current Openings: 

Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services

Elementary Special Education Teacher

Speech/Language Therapist

Teaching Assistant

Accepting Applications for: 
Elementary Education Teacher

Employment Link:

District Website:

Effective: July 2020

Assistant Director of
Pupil Personnel Services

About us
Jamesville-DeWitt has an uncompromising commitment to excellence for all facets of our educational system. The District is known for its progressive programs, technology rich schools, and an array of programs geared to satisfy every student interest. Having a richly diverse student body which closely mirrors today’s society, our goal is to have just as diverse a faculty, which encourages a challenging educational experience in a safe, nurturing environment.

We know that the tremendous success of our students is due to the high quality administrators and teachers that work here. We are dedicated to continuing to provide our students with staff who are innovative, involved, and life-long learners. Our administrators and teachers are encouraged to take advantage of the many programs and benefits we offer for continuing education and professional growth.

Jamesville-DeWitt is dedicated to the goal of building a culturally diverse and pluralistic staff committed to teaching and working in a multicultural environment.  Administrators who share this promise and are committed to excellence for all our students are encouraged to apply. 

Our Assistant Director of PPS will

  • Serve as a Chairperson for the Committees for Special Education and Preschool Special Education
  • Act as liaison between building Pupil Services Teams and the Committees for Special Education and Preschool Special Education
  • Coordinate pre-vocational and vocational evaluations for students with disabilities
  • Coordinate transportation arrangements for special education programs
  • Coordinate homebound instruction
  • Perform such additional duties as may be delegated by the director
  • Coordinate summer twelve-month programming
  • Assist the director with supervision of curriculum implementation for special education
  • Oversee transition planning for secondary students
  • Evaluate instructional and non-instructional staff at the request of the director
  • Coordinate itinerant related service staff
  • Assume responsibility for own professional growth

We are looking for someone who

  • Is a life-long learner who comes to school every day with the attitude that they will learn as much as they teach, and welcome the knowledge.
  • Is a proud member of the school community and an active participant in the District’s direction for the future.
  • Is a person who celebrates diversity and incorporates it into his or her work and will enrich the learning environment.
  • Sees every student as an individual.
  • Is passionate about education 
  • Comes to the table with an open mind, prepared to offer thoughtful suggestions and positive commentary.
  • Can be successful working in a district that has strong community support and understands what it takes to keep that support going.
  • Is part of a team, cheering and supporting fellow teammates.
  • Is someone who insists on being part of a district that sets, and meets, high standards.
  • Goes home at night knowing that they somehow made a difference that day– and that it was appreciated.

We offer you
The opportunity to live and work in beautiful Central New York.  The Central New York region is transitioning to a knowledge-based economy, bolstered by its location at the center of a corridor that has one of the highest concentrations of undergraduate and graduate students in the country. CNY is home to university research institutions, a major medical university, and numerous colleges and universities. In addition, the regional workforce is consistently rated as one of the most highly productive nationally.

Salary is competitive and commensurate with your experience.  Jamesville-DeWitt employees are provided with a benefits package that includes medical, dental, life, and disability insurance, and remitted tuition credits through Syracuse University,

Application process is available on our website, jamesvilledewitt.org/employment



The Special Education Teacher is responsible for planning, delivering and assessing a specialized educational program for individual and/or groups of students with identified special needs.


Instructional Design:
Designs appropriate units/lessons regarding content and student developmental level

  • Correlates lesson/unit planning with District curriculum and classroom teachers
  • Uses learning activities and resources/materials that support benchmarks and accommodate different learning styles
  • Identifies and organizes all materials needed for the execution of the lesson/unit
  • Incorporates instructional strategies that are considered best practice for student learning
  • Uses assessments that accurately gauge student progress
  • Interprets and uses assessment data for planning

Instructional Delivery:
Uses prepared materials in a manner that promotes effective student learning

  • Motivates students and maintains student interest
  • Encourages student involvement, independent thinking and learning
  • Provides accurate and constructive feedback to students 

Classroom Environment

  • Utilizes a consistent, clear and appropriate behavior management system
  • Responds consistently and appropriately to individual student behavior
  • Utilizes efficient systems for handling materials and supplies
  • Establishes procedures to manage the beginning and end of a lesson as well as transitions between activities
  • Creates an aesthetic environment which supports curriculum and instruction
  • Organizes classroom to support student learning in a healthy and safe manner
  • Uses equipment, materials and facilities appropriately

Other Professional Duties

  • Establishes and maintains open lines of communication with parents, peers and administrators
  • Maintains an efficient and effective record keeping system
  • Actively participates in professional growth activities
  • Actively supports building and district initiatives and programs
  • Attends and participates in district, building and departmental meetings
  • Maintains confidentiality
  • Performs additional duties as assigned by the supervisor

CSE Related Duties

  • Observes students in class as part of CSE referral and review process
  • Administers tests to help determine academic function and appropriate adaptations
  • Schedules and administers state and other standardized tests, providing appropriate accommodations as necessary
  • Develops, implements and monitors the IEP for assigned students
  • Assists administration in scheduling and monitoring students into specialized programs
  • Establishes a system of communication with other staff working with students
  • Attends PST and CSE meetings, providing information on student function and recommending changes in the IEP as necessary
  • Develops behavior modification programs 
  • Provides and/or assists in the provision of modifications/ adaptations for the methods, materials and evaluation carried out in the regular class as appropriate
  • Keeps current regarding legislation, regulations and procedures regarding disabling conditions

The Special Education Teacher reports to the building principal and the Director of Pupil Personnel Services.



The Speech Therapist is responsible for identifying, diagnosing and remediating speech and language deficits in students.


  • Provides speech and language screening for new entrants
  • Assesses and diagnoses speech and language of students as needed
  • Schedules student therapy in collaboration with the classroom teacher, principal and PPS Director
  • Provides appropriate individualized programs of therapy for children as needed
  • Refers individuals to agencies and specialists as appropriate
  • Assists staff in referring students suspected of a disorder
  • Collaborates with staff to develop classroom activities for individual student speech and language programs as appropriate
  • Provides information to staff and parents on topics covering speech and language development and remediation of communication disorders
  • Maintains accurate records on student progress
  • Confers with parents and teachers regarding student progress and evaluations
  • Requisitions and maintains needed equipment and supplies
  • Presents diagnostic information and recommendations for speech/language services to the Committee for Special Education upon request
  • Develops an IEP for each student for whom the Speech Therapist is responsible
  • Keeps current regarding legislation, regulations and procedures regarding disabling conditions
  • Acts as a resource for staff and the CSE regarding speech/language services
  • Performs additional duties as assigned by the supervisor

The Speech Therapist reports directly to the Director of Pupil Personnel Services and the building principal. 



The Teacher Assistant is responsible for providing direct instructional services to students under the general supervision of a teacher who provides direction and guidance concerning the instructional services provided to students.


Instructional Tasks

  • Works with individual or groups of students as assigned by the teacher
  • Assists students in the use of instructional resources
  • Assists in the provision of specific adaptations under teacher supervision
  • Assists students with subject matter under teacher supervision
  • Assists in administering examinations
  • Assists in development of instructional materials
  • Assists in related instructional work as required
  • Assists in instructional programs in such areas as computer-assisted instruction
  • Provides teacher with information about students to aid in instructional planning

Support Tasks

  • Assists students with specific health related needs as assigned
  • Supervises students
  • Performs clerical tasks as required
  • Performs additional duties as assigned by the supervisor

The Teacher Assistant reports to the teacher and the principal.

Employment Link:

District Website:

Graduate Assistant – Digital Learning Assistant

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Department of Education

The graduate assistant will support faculty and the director of online programs in the development of course materials and other resources for the new online Master of Arts in Teaching program.  The role will provide experience on how online courses are developed and the different teaching methods and pedagogies utilized in online instruction.

The primary duties of the graduate assistant include:

  • Assisting faculty in identifying and locating digital resources for use in instruction, including assisting with copyright clearance approval.
  • Assisting in the development of content for use in online courses under the direction of faculty and the online program director.
  • Reviewing content to ensure it meets technical requirements and design standards as set forth by the program and its third-party course production partner.
  • Assist the program director with the creation of student handbooks and other program documentation
  • Work with the program media team on the development of any course or faculty development content.

Desired Skills

  • Strong writing, analytical, and troubleshooting skills
  • Experience creating documentation and writing concisely to explain a concept or task
  • Ability to generate creative solutions to potential problems
  • Ability to communicate effectively with faculty and students
  • Familiarity with media/digital design such as creating multimedia presentations, and sourcing royalty-free images.
  • Comfortable with using and generating content with MS Office Suite, Adobe, Google Apps.
  • Willing to learn and troubleshoot new technologies.

Start Date: Immediate, up to 10 hours a week.

Interested Candidates can contact Rebecca Petersen at rebecca.petersen@tufts.edu