• Start Now: Take time now to start thinking about it, while it’s still warm and sunny. Don’t wait until the snow is piled up and everyone’s stuck at home.
  • Prioritize: If you may be teaching online for multiple days/weeks, consider using data analytics from previous classes to determine what are the most problematic areas to really focus on with remote content.
  • Blended/Flipped: Consider incorporating ‘blended learning’ or ‘flipped classroom’ concepts and technology into your classroom.
  • Content: There are many ways to deliver content remotely. Tufts ETS provides tools for recording video or audio for students. Just keep it short and digestible (a few minutes for each clip). Canvas allows for sharing content in many ways, including with Pages, Files, Discussions, and more.
  • Student Interaction: There are multiple ways to promote student interaction online. E.g., you can set up a class session in Zoom with breakout rooms and Zoom whiteboards, then have groups come back together and share their work with the class.
  • Assessments: Canvas’ online quiz tools allow you to configure timed or untimed exams, multiple attempts, and instant feedback.
  • Assignments: Have students submit assignments online in Canvas, or use sites like Box or Google Drive to facilitate student collaboration on papers and projects.
  • Polling: Tools like Poll Everywhere allow you to take attendance remotely, deliver questions synchronously or asynchronously, anonymous or not, or take a poll.
  • Be Flexible: Stick with what works, toss what doesn’t. The technology should make it easier, not harder. If a tool ends up being more trouble than it’s worth, ditch it.

Note on accessibility: during disruptions, if applicable, please include the following statement on your modified syllabus and Canvas course site:

“Students registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) will receive the same accommodations that they had in their on campus classes in their online classes. Students who are not yet registered with SAS, but need to, may email the office for a virtual appointment (accessibility@tufts.edu).”  

Reach out to Tufts Educational Technology Services if you need assistance preparing for or handling a disruption. Email: edtech@tufts.edu