Israel, Hamas and the World: Examining the geopolitical, legal and human security impacts of the conflict

On Wednesday, November 15th, the Fares Center participated in a Fletcher School-wide event organized by some of the most prominent research centers. The event was jointly organized by the Center for Strategic Studies, the Henry J. Leir Institute for Migration and Human Security, the Russia and Eurasia Program, the Center for International Law and Governance, and the Fares Center. The panel was composed of a representative from each Center.

Speakers included Nadim Rouhana, Director of the Fares Center, who spoke as an expert on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, highlighting the importance of placing the current hostilities in the right historical context and framework; Dyan Mazurana, who focused on the human security implications of the War in the region, particularly with regards to gender-based violence and violence against children; Daniel Drezner, who spoke about how the current conflict would impact great power politics, particularly the role of the United States globally; and Tom Dannenbaum, who provided an international law analysis of the events that had been unfolding in Israel/Palestine.

The event was hosted in the biggest auditorium of the Fletcher School, ASEAN, with over 200 people in attendance. The speaker’s remarks were followed by an engaging moderated discussion and an open discussion with the audience members.